Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Tell to you that my boss change the name of my Factory to the Suzhou No. 1 Vinyl Chloride Shoes Friendship Factory so he can save the money for the Tax ! Later I will change the interweb of the factory for the new name and so my boss can promote the exchange of shoes related information with the forgeiner !

These day my boss is so rich so he want to open another factory to make the thing for the womens such the glove and belt and the bag and purssies. He will also want to make the PVC plastic to make Daily Necessity Toilet Items .

Hi, that Neighbor of me. that man from the Public security Bureau.. ask me to be the neighborhood security volenteer! Everyone must actively participate to promote the saftely of the community for the People! So for 5 day when it is the allowed not-working time I go to the training to do that !

I put the photo here of that when I go to the training with that man at the PSB.

The old farmer always want to sell the food to the people to get the money so the neighborhood security police must always try to stop that kind of villian .

I go to begin at this PSB for training to be a volenteer for the neighborhood security in this place.

For the training we must learn to walk very strate and look so serious.

My friend is yelling to us not to smiling and laughing but we are laugh becase it is so funny

Then we must learn to walk the same. My friend says always to look up, never to look down

And then we must learn to sine to the boss.

Then we use the stick to smash the villian.

The boss will show us how to use the stick to bung bung on the bad man.

To stop the man we must try very hard use the string.

When we learn use the string to stop the man then we can begin to be the volenteer police. It is so excite!

We must stop the farmers and also take the money from the man when they are told to give the money to the police.

It is unallowed to walk on the grass but the people going to the festival of the Lantern are bad so I must blow my wistle mooooooo moooooo to them becase they are naghty..

Later more peoples are coming so even the noise of my wistle will not stop those rascles!

Even this police man can not stop them! He shout to them to not walk on the grass but they are so bad.

The woman at the PSB Madam Wei is so beauty and want to smile at my camera. You should try to date with her becase she say she do not have the husband now!

Next week I must backed to DPRK North Koree place with my boss. He sell more of the army shoe and the PVC blanknet so I must go there to help get the money for my boss.

So please wait for me! !!

I put that long story here from the webbing to learn the english! Chat to you later my friend ! !!

-Mr. Deng

The Woman in Black

Mr. Zhu, a district magistrate in Jiangsu province during the Qing Dynasty, was commissioned to transport a large amount of cash to Beijing. The journey would take several days, and he had to make a number of stops along the way. One of the stops was in the suburbs of Linqing, in northwestern Shandong, reportedly an area to be infested with bandits.

The moment he arrived at an inn, which was the only inn in town, a few young women came up, eager to entertain him by singing. They were actually hookers! It was the practice in the north for the prostitutes to sing for potential clients in lieu of direct solicitation. After singing, if the guest would like to spend the night with any one of them, all he had to do was ask her to bring a comforter to his room. The price they charged was only half of that in the south, but these hookers were often associated with local bandits. They would inform the bandits if they found their clients to be rich men.

Mr. Zhu had traveled a lot. He had heard about Linqing being a tough area in which to travel. He noted that these young hookers did not act haphazardly. They seemed to take cues from a girl in a black dress as to whether they should sing or dance or approach him directly. While other hookers wore heavy make-up and were dressed seductively, this girl did not use any cosmetics. But she looked attractive. She was about twenty. Zhu figured that she must be the ringleader. The circumstances smelled of trouble to him. The remote location of the inn made it virtually impossible for him to escape or get help.

Mr. Zhu decided to confront the girl directly. He had to take a chance. And that might be the only chance to avert imminent danger.

He dismissed the other girls and made it clear that he wanted to be quite alone with the woman in black. She seemed agreeable to his suggestion and accepted his invitation to dinner. Zhu began to tell her that he came from a poor family and got where he was through hard work. She said that her parents were too poor to support her so that she got into such a miserable profession to make a living.

Zhu listened with sympathy and then began to tell her stories of how some famous courtesans of ancient times became patriotic heroines and how they got married to distinguished scholars. Zhu expressed his admiration for those women. Zhu’s words seemed to have struck her. The girl was visibly moved.

The conversation then turned to his mission. Zhu decided to be candid with her and told her that he was in charge of tens of thousands of ounces of silver to be transported to Beijing.

As they were chatting, a heavy snow began to fall, turning the land into a vast expanse of glistening white under the pale moonlight. The fire in the stove was low, the oil in the lamp was running out, and the room turned very cold. Seeing the girl was shivering with cold in her thin black dress, Zhu took out a fur coat from his luggage and wrapped it around her shoulders. They chatted on like close friends. But Zhu never touched the girl.

The first streaks of dawn were gleaming in the east before they knew it. As a rule, the prostitutes were supposed to clear out by daybreak. The girl rose to her feet, took off the fur coat and was ready to go.

“Take it with you,” he said, handing her the fur coat. “It’s cold outside. You need it.” He also put four ounces of silver in her hand.

“Thank you for your generosity. You should not pay me. I haven’t done anything for you. Neither can I accept the fur coat.”

“Please take the coat. I give you this out of my admiration and respect for you. You are no common woman. I have enjoyed your company.”

She thanked him again and left. Zhu was still uneasy. About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was the woman in black again.

“I must tell you the truth,” she said in real earnest. “I am a robber and my father is the head of the local bandits. I act as his bait to ensnare travelers. But I am still a virgin. I do not let anyone touch me. If anyone tries to force me, I’ll kill him with my knife. I do appreciate your kind interest in me. When I get home, I’ll have someone bring the coat back to you, together with something which will prove useful to you. Take it and get on your journey before the road becomes too slippery when the snow starts to thaw.”

Zhu bowed to her, feeling very much relieved.

An hour later, a messenger came with the fur coat and small parcel for Zhu.

“This is from our mistress,” the man said. “It will come in handy in case of trouble on your journey. Now listen. Keep this until you have arrived at Yangliuqing and then give it to a man from the local security office who will approach you to ask for it.”

Zhu wanted to tip the man, but he refused, saying that his mistress told him not to accept a penny.

Zhu was astonished by what he found inside the parcel. It was a triangular flag.

Now he was ready to continue his journey, but the diver of the carriage he wanted to hire refused to set out, saying the road was not safe. To the surprise of the driver, Zhu produced the flag and placed it on the carriage window.

“Where did you get this?!” the driver exclaimed. “Come on in! Let’s get going. We are safe now.”

After ten miles or so, they found themselves confronting a gang of more than twenty armed horsemen. They surrounded his carriage, examined the flag carefully and then just turned back without making any trouble. Similar encounters were repeated a number of times during the next few days until they reached Yangliuqing, which is about sixty miles from Beijing.

A man from the security office came to meet them and invited Zhu to a very good dinner. Late that night, he came to Zhu’s room and asked Zhu how he managed to get that flag. Zhu told him about the woman in black.

“This is a most precious gift. She must have liked you a lot. Now you are in Yangliuqing which marks the boundary of their activities. You have no need for it any more.”

Zhu gave the flag back, thanked the man and left the place the following day.