Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou China again to you! How is your life my friend! Wish you can eat many food and feel more happy!

Tell you that my boss will come to Franch next year and he want me to go also to that place to help to him! He also want to go to Mentreal. Is your house very near to that place? Then I can visit to you! Ow it is so excite!

How many year are we friending? It is 3 year! Who knows that? Everyone know that!

Here is the photo to you again now to you of this place. Lets look to it now ! !!!


My sister and her friend will try to open one company to selling the meat to the store.  These day everyone is rich so can always buy the animal meat !



Nearsome to my house there is one simple market to buy the food for eating. The farmer is always so troublsome. He always want to sleeping.



You can buy the animal meat at the market. The woman think my photo is very strange.



The water well for the people. You can self take that water to your house.



In Suzhou there is one large store named Wallmark that you can buy this kind of animal for eating. It is very delishus.



That funny USA man is help the beger child to sleeping.



That bear is help the small child to paint the houses.



The store for the sploshun craker. Everyone want to do it to get the lucky.



The simple restrant. You can save money to eat here because it is for the farmers. When you come to Suzhou you can eat here everyday!



The old man make the scale. The farmer can use that scale for selling the vegetable to the people.



That Canada man at my company give me the photo from Shanghai. He say it is very funny words but I do not know his meaning.




It is the end of my say. Please wait for me.

-Mr. Deng