Hans Roscoe and Boba Feet

So every morning I wake up and my feet hurt. Totally achey feet. Everyday, I look at my feet and say, 'What's up? Why do you hurt so much?' And my feet  shoot me a look like, 'You know why... Don't act stupid, stupid'. I'll yell back, 'I'm not acting!' Then I step into my flip flops and walk a mile or two with Roscoe.

Over the past few years I've started developing an issue with shoes. Especially when it's hot out. Shoes feel weird on my feet. Like too tight or something. I don't like socks either. I really dislike having to pull a heel of a shoe over the back of my foot and I try to avoid tying my shoes whenever possible. I'm anti-tie. It's boring. If I have to wear sneakers I wish I could wear velcro shoes like kids do-- but not sure if chicks are crazy for dudes in velcro sneakers.

Anyway, I like flip flops. Easy on. Easy off. Comfortable. Done and done. I try and wear flip flops pretty much year round too. Unless it's totally freezing or snowing out I'll wear my flip flops. It can be 30 degrees outside and my feet feel warm so I go out in my flip flops (sorry Mom!) I guess I have warm blooded feet. Yes I realize I have some sort of weird OCD with shoes or whatever but that's the way it is.

The problem is I have super flat feet. Flat as this _ . Flat on the floor friggin flat! (say that 5x fast). And I wear-out my soles inwards sort of. Like if you put your hands together thumb to thumb then turn your pinkies upwards a little. That's my feet. Like negative arch. So I really need arch support totally. That's where the problem comes in...


I've tried flip flops from the bin cheapies to the hiking type fancy flops. I've tried variations of flipper flops like Birkenstocks and those Adidas style stripey sandals. There's nothing with a good arch! Even tried those Teva things that strap on around the ankle and stuff. Nope. Flat. There's nothing out there for us flat footed frogs in the flip flop world! I'm at the point where I'm thinking about McGyvering up my flip flops by crazy glueing in arch supports or whatever-- but I think I might be flat out of luck.

So I'm turning to y'all for help. If you know of any 'serious' arch support flip flop/sandals out there please post a link below or something. I don't care if they're friggin Hello Kitty. I'll wear em... Anything to avoid shoes in the summer.

ok bye!