Dear Mr.Odd Todd,

This is Mr. Deng chat to you again ….Wish you can be happy now in your USA house today! How is that dog? You always want to be wonderful person!

Everyone is happy in China now that the Arduous Years is finish and everyone is rich now!

Tell you my boss open one Shoe Paint Baking Factory! Then Mr. Zhusan Zhou the prefectural of the Workers Party Committee of Jiangsu province come to look at the Factory and he cut the ribbon !!! The Factory was finish just after the rainy season out of mud and slurry by working day and night to finish it and it is over 500 Mu in area! The Inflexible Working Spirit of the Shoe Workers Was Praised by Mr. Zhusan Zhou!

‘A cow that eats many food also gives you dung’! It is famous say of Daoyuan to help you. Remember to it!

You will look at the photo now!

Mr. Zhusan Zhou is look at the new Factory building. He is very happy and want to praising the Worker to be so good.

The manager of this place Mr. Xiang say to the people where soon is the place for the shoe roasting ovan. Everyone is look at him.

Mr. Xiang is carry his baby for the tour of the Factory. It is funny for it to spray the feces onto the rode from that hole.

This is very old photo in 1999 of my school Suzhou No. 7 Industry School of Education! I remember every student must have 24 book or teacher will bung him.

The English teacher tell us of many place and everyone want to go to that place . You can see the face of the Leaders on that wall.

Can you see the face of me? I am the man in second with the eye glass on his head. It is the days of youth!

Now is many interesting thing you can buy in China! This street name is Metel ~ Taking Street becase it is to only buy the metel in that place not the other thing. Only can buy the metel! Remember to it !

The pine for the water and urine is in this store for selling to you. Everyone is want to buy it now!

The man is sell the small animal on the bicycle! You can buying that to give to the small child to be more happy.

The woman at this place want to selling you many delishus animal foods! You should try! It is very cheaper!

I spy this man that cut the animal. He can selling to you it.

Now in Suzhou on the Peoples No. 1 Bridge there is one place that the farmer can be more clean. When the man walk on that cemicle water it can washing the shoe and trousers to stop the SARS on that kind of dirtyman. Everyone want to praise the government for it.

The old thing for buying. When it is the Arduous Years everyone must have that but now only the creasy old man want that kind of thing.

The baby again. It always want to spray the urine onto the street. You can laugh to it.

Later will chat more to you. Say by by to you now my friend!

-Mr. Deng