Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

How is your life? You always want to give the big smile to people! You are like the sun and always want to give the hot feeling to others .

Now we finish the National Holiday to praise the government ! It is very terribl now here becase everyone want to travel at that time but I only stay in my house becase I am tooo simple!.

There was also one Typhoon here with over 10 Band of wind! At my Factory the rain water go in to one room and the Worker must stop to make the shoe for half day! So my boss is very angry but the Worker have no feeling to it.

Tell you my boss is also sometimes happy becase we sell 35 millions of Meihualu Sunflower Brand rubber sold-shoe to India place today! My boss start the ‘strike hard campaine’ to sell more shoe! Everyone in the Factory must forcefully selling the shoe so the Factory can up the money!

Hi, you should be the Salesman for the shoe in USA! My boss can pay you the money when you sell the shoe and you will be so rich! You should try !!! My boss will want to chat to you to do it.

I put the photo of the Factory . Try to look now at it !

The shoe will in to the shoe roasting ovan to burning the rubber so it can be more good. It is the most wonderful thing of this place!

The Worker can sleeping to enjoy the life . Tell you my salary is much higher then this kind of scamp !

The man will spray the cemicle paint to the shoe so the shoe can be more clean for you! He is so happy to get the money.

The Worker is glue the shoe. There is one sexing magazese in that photo!

The new shoe for you! My boss want to sell many of this shoe to USA rich place! Everyone will be happy to get that shoe.

In Suzhou now there is many new shoe store but this one is tooo spensive.. you can not imagine!

The creasy old woman is sleeping. You will laugh to her.

Very nearsome to my Factory is this old woman that always want to selling the food for eating.

The photo of the vomit food from the old woman.

I spy the underpant for the girl ! You can look to it.

The farmer sell the hot orange potatoe now to you. This kind of dirtyman always want to sell it to you.

The small garden in the Half~Size Garden. It is named ‘Drunken Garden’ becase the man that make it was always very drunk. It is 2500 year old.

The baby and the man are very fat. Now is Suzhou there is many rich fat man and baby.. you can not imagine!

This is the end of my thinking now. Later I will think of more words for you but now must say by by!!!
Remember tomorrow will be worse! So enjoy the today! It is the say of me!!!

-Mr. Deng