Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Tell you from the window of my house I see two youngers sexing in the old Propaganda stadimum!

Everyone from my family see it and I put the photo of it here to you ! It is really terribl ! You will want to vommit!

You can really see the man and woman sexing !!!

Ai ya! They must really be in love to want to do both sexing positions!

The working farmers can not see the youngers because they always hiding behind the plants in the old Propaganda stadimum.

So very frecently they will go to that place to sexing during the between school time!

They are really nawty. In this one you can almost see his thing!

Lucky in a few minutes the man is done his big business so they can backed to the school.

Tell you KFC now is so desire that you can see many of it here now! Everyone want to eat that kind of USA food.

I did not like the favor of this sweat vegetable…now the USA potato is very popular in China but before in China we think it is only the food for the poor farmer.

My wive like the favor of the tofu and peanut so she can always make that! You will like to eat it becase it is very salty and moist.

Also 5 fishs with brown juices. It is very popular Suzhou food for eating!

Now my boss is very fat! Everyone want to touch his bellow because he is so rich to have that kind of stomick!

Do you know it? It is Ying Ying the funny thing of the Oylmpic! The child always want to love it.

Later will chatting more to you but now all is normal in this life. Now must work very hard to continu the restaurant business and also make the shoe for my boss…

-Mr. Deng


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