Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

I am writes this to you again.  This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou , China .  I am have a party in my house now.  Many people from my family are here.   We ate a goose and cow meat will eat other animal food too. 

I must tells you that last week I wore the shirt you give to me to my work company; the Suzhou No. 1 Shoe and Rubber Mfg. Co. Ltd.  My boss like the shirt very much but he is very sly and mourse and he want to steal the image on the shirt to put on the shoe.  I say no to him and think I must not wear the shirt to that place again!  He steal many things to put on the shoe, like the Micker Mouse and the Helloing Cat.  He only want to make the money, not to do the good thing.

My uncle is the rich man and he own a red car.  Today we drive our family to my grandfather's tomb to sweep it.  We could not travel there during Tomb Sweeping Day last spring, so we will go now. 

During that time many people burn the fake money and small paper houses so the dead people can use those things and be happy when they are dead.  Some people now burn the condom too so the people can be safe from the AIDS too if they are sexing when they are dead. 

My uncle owns a small factory and makes the silk cloth.   I have another uncle that grow the crab in the lake but he is poor.   Someday I want to be a rich man or a monkey becase then I will not need money if I was monkey! 

Here are the photo again!

A delicious goose we ate a long time ago!   My mother take the feather off it and then we eat the naker bird.

This is Mung Mung the dog.  He is our funny and troublsome dog that like to bite the bicycle wheel.    

Here is some delicius food that my mother make.  You should try!

The tomb of my grand father is on a hill and it is very beautiful.  After we sweep the tomb we walk around and stare at the things here.

This is the sees when you climb the hill…  The farmer houses.

 This man walk around yelling and fix the shoe.  I take this picture from my apartment window.  A forgeiner told me you do not have this kind of man in the U.S.A. !  How can the People fix the broken shoe then?

Here is the cart to collect the nightsoil pots.  You must pay 0.3 Yuan (that is about 2 cents U.S. $) to have the nightsoil chief person collect the pot…  then they wash it and bring it back to the door of the house.

This is my cousin who like to see her face in my camera.  She is 4 year old.

That is the end of this dairy.  I am sorry this time it is not so interest.  Next week I will go to Chengdu city for my company so will take the photo there!  Please enjoy the life and always try.

Please ask others to send me the emails if they want to, to me at: [email protected]

-Mr. Deng