Dear Mr. Odd Todd,

Here is the another writes from Mr. Deng in Suzhou , China ! 

You must be so happy to see this!   How is your life in USA ?  

On the newspaper it say you will have the Vote to chose the president of USA .  You are so lucky to have that, in China we do not have to do that.  The leader of the Party is select for us, so we do not have to waste the time to select the one we want.

I hope that if you take the vacation that you will come to China .  Remember you can still live at my house for fee free, and see the place here.  It say you do not like the beach, but there is no beach in Suzhou so you will be very happy here.   There is the lake named Taihu nearbye and it have some beach, but we do not have to go to that place.

Now the weather is good here becase the summer hot is gone away and it is not the rainy season.  

My uncle want to ask you if you know anyone that do the import business to USA .  My uncle run the small Silk factory and make the silk hunkercheaf and clothing and want to send that to USA to sell it but he do not know how to do that.  It is very cheap price!

In China he make a lot of money but now he think he want even more money, and he think the USA people also want to buy that.  If you know someone that can help my uncle then please ask them to chat to my sister at [email protected]  My sister can speak better English for me so it is better to chat to her for that.  If you want to chat on me then write to [email protected] then it will be so funny!

Here is more photo of this place at this time here:

The Army man walking on to the street.  Where he go?  Do he go to the girl friend house?

The rode in the contry where my cousin live.  There are many farmer in this place.

The government tear down the old house and street so now we must carry the bicycle over the rock to go to the factory where I working.  Soon it will be very modern here when the old thing go away.

In my house we do not have the electric heater so we must use the coal brick.  It is good to heating the tea water.  It last a long time and only cost 1 yuan so it is very cheaper.

The man fixering my bicycle.  My other bicycle named the Shanghai Flyer bicycle was stealed so now I have another one.  In China these day many people steal the bicycle and sell them to other so we must be careful to lock the bicycle.  It is not as safety as in the USA now the day.


The temple where the people come to ask the god for more money or for the student to get the high grade in the school.  You must ask the god to give you want you want or you will not get it.

The well house inside the Humble Administrator’s Garden.  It is the famous place that everybody know that.

I must backed to my job so please chat on me at [email protected].  I hope you can enjoy the life and be happy when you do the everything!  Please eat the good food… … not the candy always becase it is too sweat and you will feel daisy and fall down.  Eat the heathy food then you will feel happy!

-Mr. Deng