Lucy and Rocky

Lucy: I don't want to eat whatever they are.

Rocky: They're good. Eat em. They're like seeds or something.

Lucy: I don't like seeds. Don't wanna eat seeds.

Rocky: Quiet. Eat your seeds.

Lucy: No.

Rocky: Eat your seeds. They're good for your poop.

Lucy: I don't like being good to my poop.

Rocky: Eat your seeds.

Lucy: No!

Rocky: Well what do you want to do?!

Lucy: Logs. Wanna go to the logs.

Rocky: You wanna go to the hogs.

Lucy: Logs. Not hogs. Wooden logs. I wanna go to the logs.

Rocky: You don't want to eat seeds. You want to go to... the logs?

Lucy: Sitting on logs is like drinking from the fountain of youth.

Rocky: What are you talking about?!

Lucy: Logs make youthing go.

Rocky: Logs make youthing go? What does that mean?

Lucy: Come we go to the logs.

Rocky: Ok fine! Fine! Let's go to the logs!!!