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I watched Lethal Weapon 4 on TNT and noticed in the credits that the 'Foley Mixer' was this woman Mary Jo Lang. Not sure what a foley is or why it needs to be mixed but that's what she did.

She does alot of foley mixing. 


Megan and Aaron went out on a date on the show Blind Date. Megan likes athletic bodies and Aaron likes women walking around naked. The animations on the show made fun of Aaron because he displayed signs of insecurity like wearing false hillbilly teeth and needing compliments alot. Megan didn't seem to mind and they ended up making out.


I watched a show about Oklahoma State Penitentiary and there's like a bunch of dudes on death row there. They always get executed at two past midnite for some reason. This dude John Hooker was working on his appeal. He seemed like a nice guy. Actually all the death row people seemed real nice on interview.

Here's a who's who of death row inmates in Oklahoma.


I found out Giant Squids are mysterious. They say they could grow maybe over 100 feet and the big giant ones would fight and kill like sperm whales and stuff. Back in the day they would really attack ships sometimes grabbing the hull and trying to capsize it or literally flying out of the water at the mast. But the giant squid haven't been seen around for a while. Are they misunderstood? Shy? Embarrassed of their past? Or too busy growing... plotting.... and waiting....?

Giant Squid info here.


Apparently there is a problem with chilean sea bass. There's not alot of chilean sea bass left. Once someone cooked a chilean sea bass in my apartment and the whole place smelled like chilean sea bass for like a week. 

Don't eat the chilean sea bass.


I found out today is the 5 year anniversary of the Heaven's Gate suicidal Hale-Bopp "let's all go ride on a comet" cult. It was a bit crazy that the dudes castrated themselves. And it was more crazy that they all decided to die. But what was always mostest crazyest to me was their having '$5 for intergalatic tolls' or something. To think that a comet is stopping at a tollbooth that takes american currency is frickin pure nuttery.

Here's the Heaven's Gate site which lives on..


I watched the Oscars last night and here's what I learned. Uma had some big boobs way out there whoa. Russell Crowe is stupid. Julia Roberts laughs alot. Joan Rivers is funny. Whoopi is not. Award shows are dumb. 

Here's a picture of Uma and her boobs.


I'm not sure what happened here. I thought yesterday was Sunday and put up the Caddyshack thing. But I guess that was Saturday. Not sure what went on yesterday.


Caddyshack was on the TV today. It's one of those movies that is impossible to turn off no matter when it's on. You literally cannot change the channel. You just have to settle in and accept it. There are only a few movies like that. Unturnoffable.

Here are some sound files for ya:   Gunga ga lunga    Spalding    Cinderella


I watched some soccer today. It was West.Ham vs' Man.Utd.  The clock counts up in soccer so I waited from like 45:00 till it went all the way up to 60:00 when I figured the game would be over.  But it just kept rolling. 61:00 and so on -so I shut it off. Man.Utd was winning 3-2 at that point. The crowd was like singing pub songs or something the whole time which was cool.. 

Here's Sean's Unofficial West Ham site.


I watched a show about mosquitoes today. When mosquitoes land on your skin they use their sensors to find like soft spots. Then they spit on you and their spit has this built in anesthesia.  It numbs your skin then they poke around on you till they find a spot that bleeds. I was frickin horrified.

Here's a song called The Mosquito by The Doors.


This dude in Tel Aviv is like developing these 'wonderplants' that grow super fast and they can help with like reforesting and stuff. It uses this stuff called CBD. That's all I got out of the show before it got too sciencey and went over my head.

*I originally had a link to growing pot at home here cause I thought it was funny. (wonderplants. get it?) But my mom didn't like it. Then a few people wrote in and said they didn't like it. So I buckled under the pressure and removed it.  And have replaced it with a different pot link here.


Some giant ice shelf collapsed in Antartica today. They said it was the size of Rhode Island. Maybe I'm not educated enough in global warming but I don't get alarmed at some ice shelf collapsing unless they say it's heading toward my apartment building.


AJ Benza told me Vivian Vance (aka Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy) was apparently a bit of a nutter. She was afraid that she was going to lose her mind altogether so she kept a note in her pocket with her name and address because she felt like she could lose that information in her head. She also resented Lucy cause she insisted 'Ethel' stay plump.

Here's a long article written by Vivian.


I watched an hour of The Osbournes back-to-back today. I like that show tons. So much so that I wrote a haiku for it:

The show makes me laugh
Ozzy is a big mumbler
Dog pee on the rug

Write your own haiku here


I saw on the TV that there is this snake called the Desert Horned Viper. They have horns. I didn't know there were any snakes that had horns. They look scary and mean.

Here's a picture.


Pueblo Indians have a traditional dance that ask the animals' permission to take their lives to sustain the Pueblo's lives. If the animals could talk they would probably say, 'umm... no deal' but it's just bit more respectful than the current mainstream way. (see article reference 3/14)

Here's a site about Pueblo Indians


There was a big protest today for 'clean meat'. Apparently our government has been allowing hamburger plants that are totally disgusting to receive USDA approval because the 'big meat' industry can push our government around. If I didn't totally love steak, hotdogs, burgers and spare ribs-  I might consider thinking about possibly being a vegetarian.

If you really like meat... definitely do not read this


A russian queen started the idea of cigar bands. Catherine the Great really liked smoking cigars but didn't like the tobacco smell and stains getting on her fingers so she demanded they be wrapped in silk to protect her. This led to cigar manufacturers using the paper rings. Nowadays the ring is just for identity not for any real fingers protection. 

Here's some info on how to cut a cigar.


I found out that rhinos are almost extinct cause dudes will like kill them for their horns.  Some people think the horns are good for medicinal or 'magical' purposes. The people who support poaching or do poach are dicks. They kill rhinos and leave the bodies to rot and just take the horn. If you are in the business of rhino poaching I hope someone tracks you down and lops off your wiener for 'magical' purposes

You can help save the rhinos.


The New York Rangers beat the Montreal Canadians 2-1. The reason the Rangers won is because they are great. The reason the Montreal Canadians lost is because they suck.


I watched Iron Chef tonite. The secret ingredient busted out by the stadium dude was 'Sweetfish'. A tricky fish to prepare as the innards of Sweetfish are considered a delicacy but they are also very bitter. The chefs needed to capture the essence of the fish in their dishes without overstepping the bounds of what will be tolerated in terms of the bitterness.

Here is some info on iron Chef Morimoto. Winner!.


This mountain climber dude named Erik Weihenmeyer has scaled Mt. McKinley,  Kilimanjaro, frickin Mt. Everest and a whole bunch of other mountains. I just saw him on the Paralympics being led by his seeing-eye dog as he ran up the steps carrying the torch. This dude is the most ballsy blind guy... besides Daredevil.


Apparently one of the moons of Jupiter called 'Europa' may likely have an ocean of water beneath the ice on its surface. But there is no proof that there is life. But I say that if there is an ocean then there has got to be alien seamonkeys or googily bubble honka-honka creatures or something swimming around up there. That's my own personal scientific theory though.

Here's some more info on Europa.


I found out the term 'computer bug' actually started when a bug got mushed in one of those big giant computers back in the day. Stupid bug. Stupid computer. 

You can see the bug at the Smithsonian. Or here.


There was a show about Porcupines on today. I found out when they are born their quills are real soft. Which I thought was cool. But then realized also how much that makes like total sense. I mean the whole birthing thing would be a bitch otherwise. The quills get all pointyhard within a day.

On this site there is a picture of a porcupine using a computer. 


I watched a show about Thomas Edison today. He apparently was a real smart guy. He invented the lightbulb and motion pictures. They said that he initially used this new technology to light and film the first 'porno-graphic' movie. It involved a man, a woman, two ducks and goat. They said the film was a commercial disaster and tarnished his reputation.

*apparently the above statement about Edison and porn is untrue. I think I fell asleep during the show and dreamt that part. My apologies to the Edison family.


I found out that the Brooklyn Bridge has like a curse. The main architect was killed after being in some accident during its construction. His son took over and then he got messed up bad. Then over time like 20 more people died. Then 12 more later in some freak thing. I didn't like hearing about the curse cause i'm moving to Brooklyn- but then again I don't have a car and travel by subway so it doesn't really apply.


There is this group called the Iraqi National Congress (INC) and they're like running around pitching a proposal for the United States to go kick Saddam out and basically put the INC in charge. They meet with places like the Pentagon and oil companies and stuff. It's weird to think about these guys going around like a startup company trying to find backers for this kind of proposal.

For the dumber politicians they use this demo to get their idea across.


There are apparently descendants of Hitler living on Long Island. But they changed their name cause they didn't want to have like 'Hitler' on their mailbox... 


I found out when you hold your breath underwater and feel like you have absolutely no more air in your lungs if you wait a couple seconds you actually have like a whole natural backup reserve of air that kicks in in case of emergency. I latched onto this cause my biggest fear is like falling thru the ice of a frozen lake and being under the ice all panic-scratching like that kid in Omen II.

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