March 2003



Today I watched these doctor dudes debate the benefits of using magnets in medicine. One dude believed using magnets on the body increased circulation of blood and helped with energy flow. The other guy said they dint do nuttin. But one thing that seemed to be true-- apparently the therapeutic magnets you can buy for alot of money will work (or not work) just as well as the ones cheapy ones on your refrigerator door...

Here's where Wooly Willy was born.


Tonite I watched this dude finish getting a tattoo that he's been working on for 17 years. It was called a Pe'a and it's like a midthigh to midchest body tattoo ritual type dealio from Samoa. It looked like it hurt alot but the Samoans say that getting the Pe'a is a rite of passage and once you get that done you'll be able to handle any pain that comes into your life no problemo. So I guess it might be a good tradeoff..

Here are some celeb chicks and where (if) they got tattoos.


Sorry no fact yesterday y'all. I was running around out of the city alot and dint learnt nuttin from the tv. But if you're feeling a little down because there was no fact. This might cheer ya up. 


Today I watched Knight Rider on the Sci-Fi network and I found the show to be totally unrealistic. The part I saw took place in a honkytonk bar and the bad guy was riding one of those automatic bullride things. Michael Knight talked to his watch and asked KITT (the talking camaro, yeah right) to "turn up the juice" on the machine. So KITT somehow increased the "voltage" which made the bull machine go super fast. I don't see how a car could possibly have the technology to make that happen. Plus it looked like the film was in fact sped up! That the bull wasn't really going superfast at all! It was total bullshit!

In fact most of these descriptions lead me to believe that the whole show was fake!


The History Channel taught me about the stealth fighters and bombers. They're pretty coolio. They look like fancy schmancy paper airplanes but they're actually much better than that. Today, I learnt two terms. 1. When they were being built they were classified 'black' which is the term beyond 'top secret' into more like 'this project doesn't exist, ok?'. And 2. I found out 'fly by wire' is when planes make little auto-adjustments based on computer readings to help stabilize. 

I also found out the stealth design was in the works for a while. Check out this plane from 1942


Today I watched a show called Full Frontal Fashion while eating soup. They showed me the Fall 2003 line of clothing by Haneza. The designer was trying to create a feeling of 'winter in a forest' or something... While watching it I couldn't think of anything more out of fashion right now than fashion.... I'm also realized I'm burnt out on Chickarina soup.

...but Tigger likes Chickarina.


Today I done learnt stuff about Don Aronow. He was the godfather of the super racing boat. Like those cigarette boats and stuff. He created like 6 companies that made those big speedboats. And he got rich. In the 80's drug traffickers used the speedboats to smuggle coke. So Don got into that and he got richer. Then he started building speedboats for the government to help catch the smugglers. And he got even richer... but playing both sides might have been a bad call...

...because this was the next thing he got.


The taught me about how men and women shop differently. Like how women look at stuff and take their time and have fun- but guys get all stressed out and like flip out and reach a breaking point where they just gotta get the hell out of the frickin Gap. The reason for the flipout is a physical reaction due to an increase of a hormone called 'cortisol' which increases blood pressure and makes dudes stress out and get mental or whatever...

Be on the lookout, chicks..  


Tonite at the end of the Oscars, I done learnt that people who vote for the documentaries and short subjects and stuff have to attend special screenings to be able vote for them. I always figured it was a crap shoot based on the coolest title. Twas good to learn people actually have to watch them.

Here's a place where you can watch the ChubbChubbs which won Best Animated Short. (the download process is excruciatingly terriblisimo and I didn't make it thru. But it you wanna give it a shot- feel free to use my email and password. [email protected]  pw: 12345 At least it'll make it go a little easier.)


Sorry no fact yesterday. I was running around all day and got back late. But not to leave you hanging, here's a link so you get all powerpuffy today all powerpuff girly, ya big powerpuff girl!  Screensaver here.  Also here's a powerpuff girl timekiller. And some mojo jojo wallpaper. Girl.


Today I saw World's Strongest Man defending champion, Svend Karlson pull an 18-wheeler truck like a block in 46:00 seconds which I thought was pretty good but then Zydrunas Savickas stepped in and did it in 43 and change. Better luck next year, Svend!

Here go Svend


Today I saw an interview with some firefighter guy who puts out oil well fires. And the guy said... we use water... chemical foam ...and sometimes we use explosives to put out the fire. But then the firefighter guy didn't get into what he meant by that. And I looked at the interviewer dude like, 'Dude! Follow up question! What the hell does that mean he puts out fires with explosives..?!' ...but no follow up. I don't even think the interviewer was paying attention.  

Here's a hot oil treatment you can do at home.


Today I found out that the State of Tennessee has passed a law about watching porno movies while in your car. What happened was some dude was driving and watching porn and some kid saw the porn through his window. So now if you're in Tennessee and driving around watching porn you have to make sure that the tv screen is not visible to people on the street. I guess that's fair... although it concerns me that dudes are driving around watching porn.

When I was a kid on road trips me and my bro would play MasterMind. I dug that game.


I found out on ET tonite that war or no war the fashion for the Oscars will not be affected. Some people apparently had concerns that the stars would 'dress down' to show respect for the war. But this is apparently not the case. And even though Donatella Versachee and Georgey Armani cancelled their trip to LA to outfit the stars... we can all relax because the fashion plans are a go.

Here are the 13 ugliest ponies. :-(


Today Martha Stewart and some Irish guy told me about roof thatching. The guy who was doing the thatching said there is a tradition where the thatcher guy always leaves a bottle of whiskey hidden in the thatch for the next thatcher to work on the roof. Seemed like a pretty cool tradition... except for the getting drunk and falling off the roof thing.... but I'm sure the policy is- they'll be time enough for drinkin... when the thatching's done.

Here's smore info on thatching


I found out today like back in the day when the earth was all new -there were giant bugs. Biggo huge-o supersized spiders and stuff. They got all big because the earth was super oxygen-rich and the insects like their oxygen. If you were alive back then you wouldn't be all giant sized cause we breathe different than bugs. And then one day you'd be out with your friends and some big spider would jump on your face and you'd be all, 'Ahhh! Get it off! Get it off!' Spinning around and stuff. But all your friends would be too scared to help and after you got eaten by the spider they'd feel all guilty for not helping. And it would be like this unspoken thing between your friends. But what the hell! You should have ducked!

Then they'd still have a hard time living with the guilt and haveta go all 10 step.


Sorry no fact today. I totally was a flaker yesterday. Flaked. I'm allowed to flake sometimes! It doesn't make me weird! I'm not weird! Stop looking at me that way! I'm allowed to flake sometimes! It doesn't mean I'm weird!!

...this person... maybe a little weird... 


I learnt today that Peru has some issues going on. There are like indigenous people hanging out and they've been like pushed around due to people chopping down their forests and stuff so the government finally set aside land for them to live. The problem is they apparently also promised that land to the loggers who chop down the trees. The result: loggers being shot by bow and arrow.

This place is going after the mahogany there.


Today I got a little creeped out by a starfish garden. Everything moves in pretty much slow motion. Things creep along looking to kill and eat. And things that look like plants all of a sudden get very alive and spring out at you. Brainless creatures roam around. And this 24 armed sunflower starfish was especially scary. It's basically a giant walking stomach trolling around and absorbing creatures as it goes. Something about it was eerie and terrifying. Because it was all happening so slowly and quietly. Starfish gardens seem like a haunted alien world.

Here's a touching story starring starfish.


I seen on TechTV that there is a new technospy type device. While someone is away from their computer the spy unplugs the keyboard. Then plugs this spy thing into the end of the cord. Then plugs it back into the person's computer and it will record every keystroke that person makes. Then the spy-er goes and retrieve the thing after a while and plugs it into their own computer and downloads everything that was typed. I won't include a link to it because I think it's bad news. But if you're paranoid. Check your keyboard cord.

Here's a recipe for M&M cookies!


On VH1 Michael Stipe of REM told me that guitarist Peter Buck never wanted to make albums because he thought albums 'weren't good anymore' and in fact he didn't even want to be in a band at all because he thought all people in bands were 'assholes'. 

Here's an REM song I always liked alot.


I watched Married by America tonite and found out that if you posed for Playboy in the past (and didn't tell Fox) and if you are already currently married (and didn't tell Fox) that you can be disqualified from getting married on television. Rules rules rules. I also learned that reality tv has hit a wall.

If anyone is planning to have a Star Trek wedding soon please invite me. I'll come as a Cardassian.


Tonite I saw something on the tv about female fighter pilots. They seemed pretty cool and kickass. They all had nicknames just like in Top Gun. There was one a 'Boxcar' and a 'Gabby' and a 'Baja'. Apparently it was a long road to get them in to cockpit beginning with the WASPs

Here's a photo of the F/A-18 Hornet. One of the planes they fly around in..


The tv taught me today that originally the top of the Empire State Building was used as a mooring for blimps to come and deliver stuff. But it never really worked out that well and the airships would end up blowing around and scaring people waiting for deliveries. Then after the Hindenburg blew up they decided the whole airship idea was probably a bad call.

The top of the building apparently has had many uses since- including the use of its modified condenser and the concentrated microwaves by Dr. Stephen Weems in the hopes of becoming pure energy. 


I found out today that there is something called a 'hairy frog'. It's a frog but it looks kind of hairy. But the truth is it's actually not real hair. It's just a sort of growth thing that that particular frog uses to breathe.

Personally I think the fact that their hair isn't real is pretty obvious.


So today I learnt about Benedict Arnold. He was really close with George Washington and was a good soldier and stuff. But his leg got messed up in battle and he got into debt cause he was all livin large with his wife Peggy Shippen. So he tried to make some cash on the side but got busted and the government came down on him for trying to 'profiteer' from the war. So he got all pissed and started to work with the British to get some extra cash and respect and all that. The guy on the tv said it was really his wife that was the real brains of the traitoring operation...

Here's a thing about Benedict that was kinda cool...


I found out today that at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas there is a 'Cosmic Corner'. In that corner you'll find Dr. Chuck. Dr. Chuck is the official Palm Reader for the casino. Apparently everyone who goes to see him 'has an excellent financial outlook for the near future'. Coincidence? Cosmic? Hmmm...

Dr. Chuck! Run amok! Telling people! They'll have good luck! Bet a buck! Win a truck! The girl over there! She wants to...

... have you read her palm.


I seen on the TV that fishing with nets or with fishing poles isn't the only way some people fish in various parts of the world. There are 'fisherman' who fish by throwing dynamite over the side of the boat and blowing up stuff or by spraying cyanide in the water to make the fish easier to catch. Besides destroying reefs and being illegal and being terrible for the environment far as I'm concerned that's like totally cheating. 

Here's some info on cyanide fishing.... mmmmm... cyanide fish.... oh wait! No mmmm! Scratch the mmmm!


Today I done lernt something about the rice terraces in the Philippines. The rice terraces are like 2000 years old and some consider them to be the 8th wonder of the world. Traditionally the rice workers sing the 'hudhud' song while working the fields. But now alot of work is done by machines so you don't hear the hudhud so much. This old Filipino lady on the show had major concerns that the hudhud would eventually be forgotten forever. So I figure I'd do my part to spread the word about the hudhud.

The hudhud song go on for up to three days. Here's a clip. And more hudhud info.


I watched a show about grizzly bears today and the guy on the tv told me that bears get a condition known as 'hyperphagia' where they gotta consume as much food as possible to gain as much weight as fast as possible. When they're going nutty with the eating and going after salmon- they won't even eat the salmon meat. They just strip em and eat the skin cause the skin has the most fat. Then they throw the rest of the salmon away. Gross. I bet bears have bad breath. 

But it's not only bears that go nuts over salmon skin. Gross too.


The TV showed me something annoying today. In certain high rise office buildings there are secret elevators that executives can lease. So before they get to work they call ahead and their private elevator is waiting for them. While everyone else is standing around he (or she! ok?!) goes through this door that looks like a regular door but it's all sneaky cause it's actually an elevator door. Frickin sneaky execs with their secret things...

I tried to find a link about people keeping secrets- but all I found were a bunch of quizzes for chicks only. What's with chicks and secrets? Top secret?


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