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Under Centralia, Pennsylvania a coal fire has been burning for over 40 years. It may go on for hundreds more. The town is practically deserted because there are sinkholes that can kill you and toxic fumes floating around. But about 40 residents hang in there. It's worth it to them for the peace and quiet. Unwavering pride in their smoldering little town.

Here's a nice song about Centralia.


On ESPN2 I watched the National Spelling Bee. Kids were spelling words like l-i-m-i-t-r-o-p-h-e, v-e-r-t-i-c-i-l, and o-r-p-i-m-e-n-t. Nothing like a bunch of 12 year old kids being all smart and spelly spelling and you sit there watching the tv feeling like a dunce.

Here's a website run by one of the competitors. 


Back in the early 80's the Florida Keys seceded from the United States. The newly formed nation was the Conch Republic and they declared war on America. After declaring war they immediately surrendered and asked our government for one billion dollars in war reparations. This sort of thing happens when people are mad at the government and decide to get drunk.

Here's more info on the Conch Republic.


I saw on some kids science show that the center of the earth is like 10,000 degrees. This is good because if anything lives there I bet they're like lava creatures. And if they try to take over and invade the surface world in a quest for dominance of the whole planet we can most likely fight them off with water balloons and hoses. 


No updates. I was in Maine.


I saw Greg Brady sing our National Anthem. I saw Olga Korbut put on boxing gloves and fight another chick. And I saw a guy who stood way up high on a pillar for 35 hours straight jump down into cardboard boxes in front of a big crowd. All last night. Our country is definitely friggin weird.


Zebras are weird looking and they make weird noises. 

Here is a noise made by a zebra.


'Amazons' were a race of warrior chicks from way back in the day. Apparently the legend says that Amazons had their right breast removed so they could shoot a bow without their boob getting in the way. They were hardcore warrior types totally apparently.

Here's some modern day Amazonian chicks.


Antonio Salieri (the guy in the movie 'Amadeus' who was all jealous of Mozart) probably didn't poison Mozart like they suggested in the movie. They probably didn't hang out all that much and there's no evidence that he killed Mozart. More likely Mozart just chowed on some bad pork apparently.

Here's some of Mozart's music to rock out to.


This chick Jacqueline Cochran was the first woman to break the sound barrier. Couple weeks later she flew with Chuck Yeager to do like a 'sound barrier duet'. But the sonic booms broke the cameras and the film got ruined. So that was that.

Here's some info about sonic booms along with a photo.


There's this worm called the Guinea Worm which lives in unfiltered water. When people drink down the worm it lives in you and grows and grows until it pokes out your ankle or something. I almost threw up while watching this program about it. So gross. 

They're an endangered species now but not everyone wants them to be.


Some snowmobilers play a game on mountains called 'highmark'. The idea is who can make the highest tracks on the mountain by gunning their 'sled' as high as they can up a slope on fresh snow. The problem is it causes avalanches sometimes. But that's part of the fun I guess..


I watched some shallow water fishing with Captain Rodney Smith on some outdoorsy show. Cap'n Rodney was going after bonefish so he used little crabs for bait. Bonefish like to eat little crabs. But if you hook a bonefish you better catch it cause if it gets off the hook it will spook the rest of the fish.

Here's some more info on bonefishing.


I watched a show on TLC about crop circles tonite. The program exposed (buried the truth) about crop circles by showing how they are 'man-made' creations (yeah right). These circle maker guys (government agents) went out in a field and flattened down the crops to create a (fake) crop circle. 

Here's some info on em from Art Bell's site.


Hummingbirds are all sorts of crazy fast. They beat their wings like 75 beats a second and their hearts beat at like 1200 beats per minute. They feed mainly on nectar... I'm surprised it's not the friggin coca plant considering how speedy zoom zoomy they are.

If you want these kooky birds around your place here's a site that might help.


I watched a show called Stick Fights and Lip Plates. The Surma tribe in Ethiopia are all into stick fighting and lip plates. These dudes all get together and paint themselves up and grab a stick and pair up and whale on each other.  The best fighting dudes get to marry the most beautiful lip plated chicks.  Excitement, fashion, and love. It's a whole scene.


I saw on E! that there's this new line of clothing call 'Heatherette' designed by (Club Kid) Richie Rich and (ex-cowboy from Montana) Trevor Rains.  It's like 80's pop cartoony clothing or something they said. They had alot of clothing that had the word 'Look' on it. I don't understand how the fashion industry works. 

Here's photos of celebs wearing Heatherette.


On Beat the Geeks today the Music Geek showed his smarts by naming five Kool and the Gang songs that made it to the top 40. Celebration, Get Down On It, Ladies Night, Jungle Boogie, and Cherish. He also named Open Sesame but Open Sesame never broke the Top 40.

Here's Open Sesame if you want to get down with the genie.


Oh Canada. I found out the 4th Annual Masturbate-A-Thon is coming up soon. It's like the walk-a-thon but it's not how many miles you walk it's how many times you...um... are with yourself. If you have alot of time on your hands (so to speak) ya might as well get involved. It's for charity. 

Here's some info on the event.


The TV told me people that were breast fed might do better on intelligence tests than people who wernt. Here's some Mensa crap if you wanna feel unsmart. I didn't have the attention span to actually do it. I was like whatever with the mensa mensa.


In Japan there are two kinds of toilets. There's the Western toilet (our toilet) and one that's different and you like balance over it. I vote for western style.

Here's a 'graphic' demo of how to use the other toilet. 


I watched Antiques Road Show and this woman had this really old board game called Zylo-Karta which was now worth $1000. I think alot about my old stuff that got thrown away or ruined that might be worth alot now. Baseball cards and board games and crap. Now I have to save everything like a frickin packrat.

Then again if I still had my original Stratego... look what it would sell for.


It's 1:45AM and I realized I spaced on the Daily Fact today. So I got up, put on the tv and watched a frickin 'Horse Conch Snail' (10lb snail) chase down and eat a 'Tulip Snail' (small snail). There's the fact today. Horse Conch Snails eat Tulip Snails. OK? Now back to bed so I can go have nightmares about giant snails.

This person loves snails.


In the spy world, sex is used alot to get information out of people. They'll target people that work in embassies or whatever and then send someone to 'do it' with them and take pictures. Then blackmail them for information. But sometimes it didn't work cause some dudes would be proud of the photos and ask for copies. Seriously.


This French dude Barthelemy Thimonnier invented (sort of) the first working sewing machine. He was all psyched and built up a factory with 80 machines. Then french tailors burned the factory down cause they were afraid they would lose their jobs. Then Bartelemy built another factory even bigger and better. But then a french mob burned it down again. He died begging on the street for mon-ay. That sucks totally.


On Emergency Vets today there was this big iguana that ate some coins and got sick and this Jack Russell terrier that had a bowel obstruction. They're both ok thanks to veterinarian Dr. Sandy Wang!... uh huh huh...Sandy Wang.

You can get your own funny name here.


The order which keys are arranged on your keyboard is called the Qwerty Keyboard. If you wanna see why it's called the Qwerty keyboard just type "Q-w-e-r-t-y".  The letters were arranged in the order they're in to prevent the original typewriters from jamming up.

But if you're sick of stupid old Qwerty you can always switch over to Dvorak.

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