Pictures for the Week

I guess this is a good thing. Hopefully...

Tar Man! Working in the tar can! Drives a truck not a van! He's the Tar Man!

I took this picture holding my camera at my waist. They had like super automatich guns and stuff. Bad picture tho. I was nervous.

Want us in your house? $7500. (comes packaged with free nightmares)

Hi! I'm Dead Bobby. I'll see you in your dreams.

(In unison) Yes... we will see you in your dreams too.... We enjoy life.... Your life....

Then I come with the hose!! Bam! Right in your face! Yeah!

Stop laughing. We and the others don't like laughter. We don't like giggles. We don't like smiles.

Hey! There's me!

Hey! There's Roscoe! He jumped in a mudpuddle like a dope!

Singing Simon and Garfunkle at the Cranberry Street Fair.

Catholic Church cupcake table looking all blessed.

Here's a game from the streetfair. Kid would drop a golfball at the top of the gutter then it spits out the bottom and you gotta hit it into the box with a small stick. I won a plastic harmonica.

Really? You want 'Rotten' in your produce company name? You sure? Are you 100% on that?

Sneakers hanging out..


I took a bunch of secret pictures holding my camera on my hip on the walk back from dog park. Probably wrong to do.

Anyway, here's them.

I guess that's it!

ok bye!