Dreaming of Modern Appliances

Hi Y'all-

For those of you outside of New York City let me tell you what we dream of over here. Dishwashers, washing machines, and cars. 

I've never lived in an apartment that had a dishwasher and the idea of putting all my dirty plates and glasses into a machine that washes them would make me feel I'm living in the lap of luxury. I let my dishes pile up in the sink to the ceiling and then stand there washing them one by one put them on a dish rack. At first this might seem like some relaxing activity and a nice break in the day. It's not. It's boring and annoying considering I always manage to smash one glass each session. (Actually last time I broke the lip off my coff-ay pot. Now every morning when I pour coffay it runs down the side and spills everywhere.) And after the dishes dry I can see how alot of the dishes aren't really clean at all and often I have to do them all over again.

As for a washing machine- now that would be amazing. My clothes pile up in my closet until I have to drag a sack of stuff down the street to the laundromat and hang out. (Actually the last time I did my laundry I dropped it off and let them do it as a special gift to me. That was a mistake cause I guess they use bad soap there or something and now all my clothes itch me when I put them on. This sucks totally cause it was like three loads of laundry which I can't wear. I have sensitive skin I guess. The itching might be in my head but whatever itchy is itchy. I'm gonna have to do the laundry all over again. That's what I get for being lazy.) But the idea of being able to do a single load of laundry, in your own place, at your leisure is just fantasyland right now. Over the weekend I went to visit a friend who moved out of the city to a house. He has a washing machine now. I think he likes it so much he would have sex with it.

The third thing that would also be incredible would be a car. I don't need a fancy schmancy car. Just something that I can leave on the street and not care about. But right now a car isn't exactly in my budget and the insurance rates in NYC are sky high. Plus I'm the type to collect a $55 ticket at least once a week. Every time I leave the city I have to go on a subway to a train and it's a whole thing. The idea of actually going downstairs and getting into a car and driving somewhere would be a frickin amazing experience. So all who have the above three items. Appreciate them! And Congratulations! You're kinda rich! Sort of. Well at least to us normal New Yorkers...

OK bye!


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