Underwear Lesson

Today while getting dressed I was struck with a memory that I hadn't thought of in like 20 something years or so.  

The time: 4th grade

The location: Elementary school. On line with my whole class waiting to go into the auditorium for assembly.

My mood: Good

The problem: My grade school arch enemy (name withheld)

What happened: I was standing on line doing whatever a fourth grader does when my arch enemy stepped out of line and walked up to me. My spider sense was tingling and I was ready to defend myself against whatever attack he had prepared.

What he said: (loudly for all to hear) Todd! You don't tuck your shirt into your underwear!

What I did: I looked down and saw that my shirt was indeed tucked into my underwear (as always) . But today for whatever reason my underwear had risen outside of my pants. The elastic was visible for all to see -and see that my shirt was blatantly tucked into my underwear.

My reaction: Horror. Horror over realizing I'd been got by my arch enemy. Horror over realizing I had been dressing wrong for so long. Horror over my underwear being public.

The reaction of my class: Big laughter

My reaction to that: Mortification.

The reaction of my arch enemy: A big evil smile as I yanked my shirt out of my underwear and stood there. Speechless.

The conclusion: I had no comeback. No words could defend that sneak attack on my underwear situation. It needed to be filed away as a loss but I put myself on a state of heightened alert as I planned my retaliation.

Anyway, not sure why I thought of that today but that's what I done thunked.

ok bye!