eBay VCR Fiasco

So I bought a VCR off of eBay recently. I got it for $12 and it was like another $10 for shipping. I got it because I want to make some copies of some vhs tapes. So I got this cheapy one to tape the tapes. It's an old Panasonic Omnivision with no remote but I was like whatever. 

Anyway it arrived today and I was all psyched up. I open the box and it's packed and wrapped really nicely with bubblewrap and then those styrofoam peanuts in the bubblewrap. I was like cool. It didn't arrive in like 20 pieces or whatever.

I take the thing out of the box and the first thing I notice is the VCR tape door is open and there are styrofoam peanuts in there. I shake some of em out and look inside and see that the whole frickin inside of the VCR is like totally filled with styrofoam peanuts! All like beyond the tape carriage thing and actually all inside inside. I'm like, 'fuck!' I shake it up and down but the peanuts all get stuck behind the open door flap thing. So I start reaching in with my fingers to pull em out but there are way too many way too far in.

So I stare at it to see if I can think up any ideas about how to get em out. I shake it again for a second or two. Then look inside again and pull one out with my fingers. That was it for new ideas. And I knew what it was going to come down to. I turn it over and look to see what it'll take to get the friggin thing open. The bottom has lots of screws and plastic switches and different compartments it seems. I couldn't immediately see how the thing opens up so I put the thing back in box and pushed the box in the corner.

The question is how long will that box sit in the corner? I'm not going to send it back because paying for shipping this crappy vcr twice doesn't seem worth it. Plus I'd actually have to pack it up and bring it somewhere which is a hassle. It's not so urgent that I make some tapes either. So I'm betting it'll sit there for at least three months. Maybe longer... probably actually....

I'll get back to you in a year or so on this one...

ok bye!