(Probably Dumb) Theory About Optometry

So this morning I couldn't find my glasses. They're usually next to my bed but today they weren't. So I wandered around my apartment squinting around looking for my glasses which simply isn't easy because I kinda need my frickin glasses to um... see where my glasses are. I finally broke down and got out my old glasses which I keep in the medicine cabinet -and it reminded me about a theory I have.

I got glasses when I was in 8th grade most likely because my brother had glasses and I'll be damned if he got glasses and I didn't get glasses too! My eyesight was probably borderline to even qualify for glasses but they gave em to me. I remember when I first got them I was dizzy from how strong the glasses were. But eventually my eyesight 'adjusted' (aka 'got worse') to meet my new vision. A year or two later when I got my eyes checked I found out my eyesight had gotten worse again and I had to get a new prescription. And they were a little too strong. And my eyes 'adjusted' again.

So here's the theory and I'm sure I won't explain it well. Let's say my eyesight is 20/86 exactly. Optometrists don't write prescriptions for 20/86 cause that's too specific. So they write it for 20/90 to round up (keep in mind i'm just making all this up) so my eyesight needs to adjust to meet the 20/90... I think once you set the 'adjustment' in motion, the momentum of the adjustment just keeps going straight past the 20/90 and by the time you're at the optometrist again your eyesight is 20/94. Because the 'adjustment' doesn't stop on a dime and overshoots the 90. And he gives you 20/100 glasses.  And a year later you end up 20/106 or whatever.. and so on. So I eventually stopped getting my prescription upped years and years ago and just kept it as is... even though it's a little weak for my eyesight. But my vision hasn't gotten any worse for years. So I think if people just put the brakes on upping their prescription- their eyes would stop getting worse.

So is optometry a big scam this way? To keep getting people's eyesight a little worse to make sure new glasses get bought year after year? Does this theory make any sense? Or am I just a lazy nerdling that is just appreciating the fact that he doesn't have to find where his glasses are hiding today- and can wear my giant round glasses from 1992 without getting a headache.

ok bye!