Chopstick Grammar

So usually when I go to a chinese restaurant the chopstick wrapper looks like this:

For years I've been entertained by the friendly message on this paper wrapping. It's all kooky with the grammar and capitalizations and all that.. I always dig misspelled things on printed stuff. Like somewhere in manhattan there's a sign for a psychic that is spelled P-S-C-H-I-C. It's huge! It's the main sign. Misspelt stuff like that is everywhere. I wonder about if the printer just doesn't catch the error? Or do they just print whatever the customer writes exactly.. as policy? Or maybe they don't care and whatever it? Like what the hell happent? I'm not nutty with grammar but when it's glaring I'd love to find out how it went wrong.

So with these chopsticks... obviously there's a problem here. The thing that makes me wonder extra is once in a while this message changes slightly. Someone somewhere makes a 'correction' and cultual will be spelled differently wrong or the message will be slightly tweaked. This time round I noticed that glorious (which was spelled correctly last time) has been changed to 'glonous'. I think about how some dude over in China at a printmaker thing incorrecting the spelling of words and then going back to press. How? Why?! These chopsticks change every year or so with a new grammar or spelling issues. It's never been right.

Somewhere along the line you'd think someone put a stop to this. Like someone would let the guy at the chopstick factory know about this and send them the proper english. Actually on second thought... I hope that never happens. This Typical Cultual Miscommunication is Traditional For me Now.... and I think fun like this is perfectly glonous.

ok bye!



UPDATE PS. After I posted this I got swamped with emails telling me to check out this friggin funny site..