Book Signing Stuff and Stuff

So I had a book signing last night and I think it went a-ok! Cook-ays for everyone!

I kinda didn't find out till the other day that I had to actually 'speak' at this event thing so I prepared the way I usually prepare for talking about stuff when I'm not sure what to talk about. I wrote down a few things on a post-it note and then pretty much winged it. Somehow I always seem to think that 'winging it' is the best way to go even though I don't think I've ever wung it before with much success. I always forget to remember not to wing it because I'm simply not a good kip winger.

So I talked about this and that and that and this. And sweated a little. And then answered some questions from people. The whole time I was up there speaking I was a little weirded out. It was sort of a surreal experience to be standing in a bookstore like talking about an actual book that had my name on it. I mean I was a manager of a bookstore for a year (Encore Books. now out of business. partly cause of me i think.) and worked as a sales guy in publishing for 5 years and then at for two more. So I've been all booky for a while...

Anyway I signed a whole buncha books for people. I wanted to write something different in each one and this sort of led me down a road of maybe overwriting in books sometimes like turning the page and just basically writing all over the place and drawing pictures and stuff with my sharpie. The line went really slowly cause I didn't want to write anything stupid in the books and if I did write something stupid or misspelled something- I would write something in the book acknowledging that I realized that I messed up and then I'd write an apology for that.... I guess I'm kinda new at this..

Afterwards a bunch of us went to a bar around the corner and I drank some beers and did a tequila shot. It was one of these shots that weren't like shotglass shots they were more like half-a-friggin-glass shots. I wanted to do it in half and half but I felt like that would be like unmanly or whatever so I did the whole shot and concentrated on not throwing up. Then drank more beer. It's like 5:00PM while I write this. I couldn't really pull myself together till about now. My head hurts and I feel a little nauseausness.

I just wanted to thank all the people who traveled out to hear me babble and for buying my book and stuff. I really really appreciate it totally and then some totally totally.. for real. THANK YOU!

And hey, check out where I'll be next! Come by! I'll bring cook-ays!

ok bye!



Tuesday, May 27th

Bookcourt (a very coolio independent bookstore. please come!)
163 Court St.
Brooklyn , New York 11201

then.... CALY, BABY! CALY! (song here) WOOHOO!

Tuesday, June 3rd


Borders Books & Music, #359
14651 Ventura Blvd.

Oaks, CA  91403

Wednesday June 4th

Noon and  6PM

Stanford Bookstore
519 Lasuen Mall
Stanford , CA 94305

West Coast, yo!