Mad at Charms

I'm mad at the blowpop people.

They think we don't notice. They think we don't care. But I think we DO notice. I think we DO care!

A while ago the Charms blowpop people changed the blowpop. For the worse. When I was a kid, blowpops were so good because with blowpops you had that choice. The choice of when you decide to go after the gum center. Some people suck the lolly down to the gum then chew. But I was the type of person that would chip away at the candy lolly as soon as I caught an edge. Using my backteeth to crack of slivers of candy and then I'd munch that up. And keep going at it till I got to the gum (Ah one. Ah two. Ah three...  ah three.) Some people handled their blowpops in a more methodical fashion. Some might change their approach depending on their mood. Some spin spin spin. Whatever. The blowpop always delivered a personal experience.

And this is why I'm mad at Charms. Blowpops are now not only smaller (which is frickin rude. i mean how much could they be saving? .00005 cents?) but the candy lolly part is now different as well. It has more of a chewyishness to it. So I can't chip away at it anymore. I don't really have a choice with it anymore. It's impersonal now. It just gets kind of softer or something. At first I thought maybe I was buying blowpops that had been in the sun or something. But I don't think that's the case. I think something has changed fairly dramatically.

And I for one am sick of these corporate decision making pricks treating us like children! They act like we don't know the difference! Dummy lollipop eaters they think we are! That we'll buy their frickin blowpops no matter what! Well I'm sick of Charms and I'm sick of all the other companies that have been shrinking or tweaking their products! That's right Bazooka! Don't think we didn't notice the shrinkage! Dannon! Don't treat me like a frickin child! All of you shrinker tweakers! We notice! And don't write me off as some brat having a tantrum!!!! Stop with the shrinking and tweaking to save pennies!! I just want my frickin blowpops back the way they were!!!!

ok bye!