Cop Car Criminal Commotion

The other night I heard a commotion outside. There's a bunch of bars in the area so drunk people walk up my street alot late nite and get loud. And I figured that was the case. But something about commotion sounded different. I'm up on the 4th floor so I pulled up the shade, opened the window and looked out.  I tried to take in what was going on. Right infront of my building I saw three guys surrounding one guy. They weren't hitting him or anything. Just like 'containing' him. And there was a woman who looked kinda upset but not hurt or anything and one guy was talking to her.

Then I heard sirens coming close fast. I was like, 'Ooh! Something really IS going on!' One cop car came speeding down the top of my street and one came up from the bottom. I live on a one way street and so one of em was traveling the wrong way. Sirens blaring. They screeched to stops. (By the way, I noticed that the lights on top of cop cars now aren't like straight across anymore. They're like arrow shaped.) Anyway, the cops jumped out of the car and the 'containment guys' backed away. The cops approached the criminal guy and grabbed him and put him face down on the ground. Then one cop cuffed him with like a knee on the back move. The guy didn't seem too happy with that.

I was like, 'Holy ravioli! This is just like the tv! Except live!' Then they pulled the guy up and put him in the car then they went and talked to the woman. I couldn't really hear what they were saying. I think the guy tried to grab her purse or something. She was upset. They talked to her for a while and then everyone left. And the street was quiet totally again. It was weird. I shut the window and put down the shade.

Seeing things like that always makes me think about how I'd react if I was down on the street. If I saw someone who tried to rob someone. Would I spring into action? At what point would I? I don't think I'd chase someone who stole something. But I'd like to think I'd help someone if they were in trouble. Not sure if I'd really be a big help there. I mean I have pretty limited fighting experience. I've only had one big win in the fight world.

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