Mighty Mac Jacket Attack

Ok here's the story with my one big fight win. There was a kid in my kindergarten class named Frankie and he was a bully. I know that Frankie sounds like a cliche bully name but his name was Frankie I swear (ask my mom). He was a straight out bully. He'd just come up to you and start shit. So one day it was my turn. He came up to me and started in with his bully mix. 

At the time, I was holding my Mighty Mac jacket. Mighty Mac jackets had these like metal zippers and the pull thing was like a metal bar. It was about the size of a small cigar and made of solid lead. So when Tommy came at me I resorted to the only fight technique I knew. I swung my jacket at him. And the lead bar zipper thing cracked Frankie right in the mouth... seriously. Blood gushed. It really did damage. He was stunned. I was stunned. We were stunned.

Soon enough there was a crowd of kids who looked at me like...wow. Frankie was bleeding from his mouth. No one saw how it happened. They all assumed that I had punched him in the face or something I guess. The kids were in awe of me. The teachers came and glared at me (although secretly they were probably kinda happy) and they took Frankie off to the nurse. I stood there with those mixed up kid feelings that come along with something that covers the spectrum of emotions. (Won a fight. Hurt a kid? Lying by staying silent? Hero worship. Undeserved? New status.) Everyone was looking at me differently. I never did offer up the truth about our fight. I mean why should've I? I lived pretty large off of that rep... until this guy Paul punched me in the stomach in front of everyone a couple years later and I went down like a rock.

ok bye!