Missed Insta-Revenge Opportunity

Today someone called me and they had the wrong number. Here's how it went:


Me: Hello?

Guy: Let me talk to, Ronnie.

Me (nicely): Sorry. You have the wrong number.


(The guy just hangs up on me!)

Then 10 seconds later...


Me: Hello?


(straight hang up. obviously the same guy again calling and not even bothering to say hello or sorry or anything. Just hanging up. Frickin rude.)



Me: Hellloo??!

Guy: What number is this?

Me: Umm... It's the number you just dialed.

Guy (annoyed and assholeish): Yeah I know! But what number is it?!

Me: It's the number you JUST DIALED! Three times! What number do you want?

Guy: There's no Ronnie there?

Me: No.


So here I was sitting here having a nice day and I get phone call that changes my mood from sunny to cloudy! It's always annoying when you're nice to a stranger and they're rude back. Like when you hold a door open for someone and they just walk through with no acknowledgement or whatever..

What's doubly aggravating about the wrong number guy is I wasn't on my toes thinking about insta-revenge. By the third call I could have messed with the guy. He was a dick so I feel like I had a green light to be one back. I could have told him that Ronnie stepped out. Or said, 'Hold on.' then put on a different voice pretending to be Ronnie. I could have said, 'Ronnie went to Florida' and made up a story. Or I could have just said, 'Hold on...' and put down the phone and watched TV.

My frickin nice guy instinct seems to really trip me up when it comes to thinking on my feet against people who aggravate me. And I have to sit and simmer away the annoyed mood thinking about woulda coulda instead of clearing things up right away with a little insta-revenge.

Dags. Maybe next time...

ok bye!