First Class Screwup

Years ago I decided to cash in some frequent flyer miles and fly first class to Seattle. I was all pumped up to fly first class cause I've never done it before (and haven't since). I get there and get on the plane find my seat and get a glass of OJ.  I sat there pretending like I wasn't all wowed out to be in first class. I just read the paper and sipped the juice while in my head I was all 'i'minfirstclaaass...i'minfirstclaaasss...'

And I was totally excited to fly home first class too. I left the hotel to head to the Sea-tac airport in my big Buick rental car and somehow while bopping along with the radio I cruised right by the airport exit.  I remember seeing some airport signs. Then not seeing any signs. Not sure how I missed the planes overhead and all that but I just zoomed right on by the whole frickin airport. It was a little foggy out but whatever. There was more fog in my head I guess. Even though I knew something was wrong I stayed in denial with the 'it's gotta be the next exit'... then the next one.. then it's GOT to be the next one. And kept cruising along. Finally I admitted defeat and pulled over and broke down to ask directions.

I pulled into a gas station and asked the guy how many more exits till the airport. He looked at me all jerky and said, 'It's like 20 miles back the other way'. Dags! DAGS DAGS DAGS! I had about 45 minutes till my flight left so I jumped back in the Buick and started cruising. I couldn't believe my first class ticket was in jeopardy! So I drove like 100MPH back the other way all weaving to try and get back in time. By the time I returned the car and got to the check-in desk I had about 8 minutes till the flight left. And the lady behind the desk refused to hold the plane for me! Some first class! Some nerve!

Anyway I had to wait two hours till the next flight which was full and I got a middle seat in coach. From first class to a middle seat in coach. And my seat was smack dab between two people that were largeish. A man and a woman. So I scrunched in there with my big gauky legs and pretty much mentally slapped my forehead over and over wondering how I missed a frickin AIRPORT EXIT!

On top of that, the man and woman on either side of me knew each other. They kept talking to each other and I kept doing the lean back to allow them to talk. I soon realized they were 'together' so I offered to switch seats with either of them so they could chat. But the guy said that his wife liked the aisle and he liked the window. So I said if they planned on talking alot I'd really prefer if someone switched with me. But they refused. So for the next 5 hours we had a bad awkward silence and weird feeling because I kinda told them not to talk. 

Meanwhile the me in the parallel universe who didn't miss the exit was probably drunk on wine watching a movie.

Here's two.