People in Glass Rooms...

So since I came out here to Caly I had a couple like false alarms with celebrity sightings. At one point last night I thought I saw Anthony Michael Hall but on second look it wasn't Anthony Michael Hall... it was just some dude with hipster sunglasses. Then I thought I saw Minnie Driver but when I got closer I realized it wasn't Minnie Driver. She definitely would have been a dead ringer for Minnie Driver if her hair and face were different.

Anyway I had lunch with a friend and then wandered around Hollywood Boulevard by myself. I wanted to see a movie but I just missed the Italian Job and Nemo was sold out for the rest of the day.  I looked at the stars on the walk of fame and the hand prints at Mann's Chinese Theater (which is now Gruman's Chinese Theater. I guess they changed it at some point and I missed it. Not sure why they did that but I bet lawyers were involved.) I found out that Burt Reynolds has really small feet.

Then I finally saw a celeb! In the flesh! I was walking through the mall next to the Kodak Theater and there was some promotion going on for a show called Cram! on the Game Show Network. I couldn't really figure out why but they had people in pajamas in glass rooms. I think they were staying up for 24 hours for some reason or whatever. And you can look at them like they were in a zoo or something. So I'm window shopping the people and then I saw Todd Bridges from Diffrent Strokes! He was in one of the rooms with some chick. So I was looking at him. Like, there's Willis! Right there! In that like glass room! I kinda felt sad for Willis but he seemed to be having a a good time in the room and smiled at me so whatever. I moved onto the next room and looked at the people in there.

It was a guy and a girl like just sitting there doing nothing. So I stared at them and then the guy shot me a mean look like 'WTF are you looking at, dick!' So I walked away but I was kinda like... that guy has some nerve shooting me a look! He's the one in the glass room! In the mall! And who the hell is he to give me a mean look!? Willis was perfectly friendly in his glass room so if Willis could be friendly this non-celeb had no excuse for being a jerk!

ok bye!