Satellite Brain Fix

So I rented a car when I got out here.  When I was getting the car the chick behind the counter asked if I wanted a GPS (global positioning system) thing in my car. She said it was an extra $8.00 a day. I jumped on it. I justified the expense because I figured I'd save money on gas in the long run.

I done wrote before about how my sense of direction is friggin terrible but I'm not sure I really got the point across how bad my sense of really direction is. I not only am hit constantly with not knowing which direction is right. But often I'll get convinced that a certain direction is totally definitely right only to find out I'm wrong after heading in the wrong direction for a while. My sense is so far off that I think I may actually have a disorder. For reals.

Anyway, when I used to travel alot for business it was a hugeo problemio. I'd be late for meetings constantly. And in Los Angeles it's always been nightmare. This place is simply all over the place. Even if I see something familiar it doesn't help me get to where I'm going because the thing that's familiar to me is usually only familiar because I've seen it when I was lost before. It's ridiculous. I'm like a homing pigeon with a magnet strapped to his head.

So now I've got this GPS. It's this little palmpilot like thing next to the gearshift. It's all computerized and hooked up to outerspace and sees all. So like if I want to go to my hotel. I'll just find the listing for the hotel. Press enter. And it tells me how to get there! I'll drive along and it (she) will say, "Right turn in... two miles..." She'll tell me left or right. She sounds sexy to me. And I'll look at the little screen and it will tell me the name of the street. And there's a little map of where I am. And where I need to turn is like lit up. I've almost crashed the car just staring at the little me blip on the screen going along instead of actually looking at the road in reality.

I am floored by this technology. It's like having someone in the car give you directions but they're not annoying or half guessing. For someone like me who forever has had such and issue with direction. It almost makes me want to cry.  Because my brain has been broken for so so long with direction and although I won't have GPS when I get home and I don't even have a car- I know that a problem that I've had forever can be solved. But to know that there is a cure is just a sense of relief. I admit it is a little creepy to feel 'tracked'.. but whatever...

I felt a tinge of sad because the old frustrated me who hit the steering wheel all mad and asked directions every few miles will one day be a thing of the past. Like the lost thing was just a part of me in some way. But when getting lost is the only thing I'm gonna lose.. I wish it good riddance. F being lost and hooray technology!

ok bye