Keys? Please?

So my plane got in at like midnite last night and my bag was like last on the conveyor belt. I grabbed it and grabbed a cab. Sooo looking forward to being home. On the ride home I thought about my keys. Where were they exactly? I wondered. I hadn't seen them in a while. But they had to be in one of my two bags, right? I just couldn't place the last time I actually saw them saw them. I heard giggling way in the back of my head and then pushed the thought of my keys being gone aside. 

Luckily I had a good distraction. The cab driver got totally lost on the way back from the airport. He was kind of counting on me to direct him off the highway. BQE? 278? LIE? Verrazano? What? GPS WHERE ARE YOU!? Soon enough the cab driver was lost and asking directions from people on the street. After an hour ride (should be half-hour) I made it home.

I dragged my overstuffed bags to the front door and started rummaging through my carry-on. No keys. I looked at my bigol suitcase and really didn't want to open it. If anything the keys were under everything. I felt down the sides to see if I could get lucky. Nope. I knew what had to be done. I needed to unload everything out of this friggin suitcase. Right there on the stoop. So piece by piece I took stuff out. Flopping each shirt or whatever in the hopes of a jingle. Finally I hit bottom. No keys. Back in the carry-on bag. No keys. 

So I realized I was going to have to call my landlord if I was gonna get into my apartment. It was like 1:30AM at this point and I really felt bad about waking him up but... I had to. No answer. Answering machine. Next option. Buzz his buzzer. I realized how scary the buzzer buzzing in the middle of the night can be but I HAD to get inside. I buzzed. And waited. I buzzed again for longer. Nothing. I thought about the next option of how to get inside... what to do next? I knew I couldn't break in. I tried that last time I locked myself out. And then it hit me.... there were no more options.

I was fucked. 

I called up a friend of mine who lives like a mile away and woke him up. I told him I was coming over and I had to crash on his couch. He whatevered it and said ok and hung up. I called back and yelled at him not to go back to sleep. Then I packed up my whole suitcase again. And headed down Court street in the middle of the night with bag over my shoulder. Dragging suitcase on wheels. Stunned that it had come to this. Walking a mile with all my crap. Tonite of all nights when I wanted my bed so frickin much.

Finally got inside at 6PM today. Landlord came back from being away and let me in. Everything is ok now. Good to be home. Finally.

ok bye!