Meatloaf Meathead

Tonite I was making a frozen dinner dinner (Boston Market Meat Loaf dinner. It was new so I had to buy it.) I opened the box and read the instructions. Peel film back at the corner and cook for three minutes then flip patties then... whatever. Beep beep beep... Start. Then I threw the box in the garbage. While it cooked I opened up some mail and a box that arrived (Cafe Press stuff. Frog coaster and Mep Pimpin mug. I ordered them to make sure the colors looked right. They're fine.) It came with all this styrofoam so I poured all the stryofoam into the trash all over the Meat Loaf box. Then the 'it's done' beeping of the microwave went off.

My microwave is on top of my fridge. Right at eye level. I clicked open the door open and looked at the meat loaf. I knew I had to cook it more but I didn't remember what the box said. For how long? Remove film? Replace film? Dags. The box was in the garbage and there was styrofoam all of that so I'd have to dig. I was mad at myself for burying the box. Looking at the garbage I took a step forward and clocked my head right on the open microwave door. Which I immediately slammed shut- pissed at it. My head hit the little hook that keeps the door closed which stung and I got some gross microwave door schmutz on my forehead. Ew. It sucked.

I was just trying to cook my frickin dinner and open my mail.

ok bye!


(by the way. flip patties. replace film. cook for an additional three minutes.)