Saturday Night with the Dylans

So last nite I was all excited to see a friend of mine do stand-up comedy.  I've known about it for a week or so. He sent a link around to the place in Manhattan where he would be performing and I made a reservation for me.

The place was called Dillon's Restaurant and Lounge. So before I left the house I checked the link and set it to memory. Dillon's. 54th street and Broadway. Got it. I decided against writing anything down because I forgot that I don't have a good memory I guess. Anyway I take the train into town and somewhere on the subway- my brain changed Dillon's Restaurant and Lounge to Dylan's Comedy Club with a Y. And 54th street became 57th street. I remember thinking that it was cool that it was on 57th street.

Anyway I get to 57th and B'dway and of course no Dylan's. Doubt started creeping in. But I knew for a fact that the place was called Dylan's. I knew this because there is a candy shop in NY called Dylan's. And I remember thinking that when I saw the name Dillon's.. Thus the memory trip up I guess. So I started asking around. No one has heard of a Dylan's Comedy Club. And I don't have a cellphone on me.

So I breakdown and pick up a payphone to call information. Payphones in New York are all shady now. It used to be like friendly AT&T phones. Now some are like TechGlopPhone or whatever. So I pick one up and dial 411. Nothing happens but clicking. So I pick up the phone next to it and dial 411 and have both gross stinky cootie phones at my ears waiting to see which one picks up first. Neither do. So I start actually looking around for an AT&T phone because they've always been cool with information and it assumed it was free. It used to be. Now it's not. Now it's a quarter. And I had no change.

Getting change in Manhattan is a pain. Nobody likes giving change. They can have a thousand dollars in quarters behind the counter but they don't like to give it out. Because they're not a change store. They're a store store. And they don't want to get a reputation for giving out change. So I buy gum and get a couple quarters. And go back to the phone and call information. And ask for Dylan's Comedy Club. And I spell it for her. D-Y-L-A-N-S. Nothing. I ask her to check everything under Dylan's. Nothing. Only Dylan's Candy. Now I'm wondering if I'm crazy.

I decide I'm gonna call a friend and ask them to go online and find the address. So I got back into a store and buy more gum. And then call a friend. .75 for the first 2 minutes. He picks up and says hello. And I'm like, 'I got no time to talk! I need help! Go online onto citysearch and look up Dylan's Comedy Store! I only got two minutes and I'm out of quarters!' After a pause he's like... 'ok... hold on.'

He's typing away. No Dylan's. I'm like 'It's there! I saw it before I left the house!' He's like no Dylan's. He looks under comedy clubs. No Dylan's. (Cause Dylan's isn't a comedy club. It's a restaurant lounge place. And I was spelling it wrong for him.) Check again because... Then the phone clicks off. I go back to the store and this time ask for change. It wasn't a problem. Not sure why I was mental with the buying of gum. And I call him back. He can't find anything. Now I feel like I'm going nuts. I KNOW it's "Dylan's" (not so sure about the 57th street anymore but I know it's Dylan's!) He keeps searching. Nothing. The phone was going to click off again so I ask him to call me and I give him the number on the phone. But it doesn't ring. I guess you can't receive calls on payphones anymore cause drug dealers ruined it for everyone or whatever.

After that I gave up. I got on the subway and headed home. And went straight to my computer all pissed. The webpage was still on my screen.

D I L L O N'S. 54th Street. I stared at that and just wondered why I couldn't write it down. I could have printed this out even. Why I had to be all cocky and go on memory?!

But then again if I could remember that I have a bad memory I probably would have remembered Dillon's... or at least the friggin address. I'll remember to write things down next time... wait... I think I said that last time...

ok bye!