Growing Weeds and Watermelon

So like I have this windowbox flower thing on my fire escape and last year I planted geraniums in there. I was all proud of myself for planting them and taking care of them or whatever. So this year I thought about doing it again. For a while now the hardware store has had geraniums on the curb for sale and I've passed by them over and over thinking maybe today.. then... nah. Maybe tomorrow.. That's been going on for a month or so.

Anyway all of a sudden my flowerbox starts blooming with weeds. And I'm like, hmm weeds... not sure how I feel about the weeds... But now the gardening thing became a bigger project cause I'd have to rip out the weeds or whatever- and it took some of the motivation out of the geranium plan. Plus the weeds didn't look so bad and they're as low maintenance as you can get. 

Then a few weeks ago I was eating watermelon and I threw all the seeds in there too. And some of em started growing! They're kinda cool looking too. I doubt they'll become watermelons but it's sort of a nice mix in there now. It's like all green and alive. Weeds ain't so bad. And maybe I'll get mini-watermelons or something.

Geraniums were soooo 2002 anyway. 2003 is all about weeds and watermelons, baby!

ok bye!