Chinese Food Overide Alterego

So I've been trying to like not eat lots of chinese food and burgers and stuff because my face is getting round again. So tonite I was looking through the takeout menus and decided on chinese food. I like lo-mein but someone told me lo-mein is worse than big macs. I like spare ribs but sometimes I get grossed out by eating things 'off the bone' and I felt like tonite might be one of those nights especially after watching this whole thing about pig farms on the tv. And I remembered I was trying to reduce my face size so I went to the 'diet' section of the menu where they have like steamed stuff and boring stuff and stuff.

I decided on steamed chicken with mixed vegetables and sauce on the side. I pick up the phone to order and I guess I didn't speak clearly or whatever. Because I thought I said 'steamed chicken with the sauce on the side' but somehow it sounded exactly like 'beef and broccoli and an egg roll' when I said it. As a hung up the phone I was like... 'what just happened?' I was all set on my healthy healthy with my steamy steam! It was all set! And now I'm gonna be all beef and broccoli burpizized later. It was like my heart did an override on my head total last minute... or maybe the other way around or whatever. But how could I be mad at that voice when it turned out to be so yummy and stuff. Beef and broccoli simply kicks the ass of steamed chicken up and down Mott Street.

Maybe what I should do next time is get in my head that i'm gonna order up beef and broccoli and hope that there's a different last second override in me to change it to steamed chicken.

Somehow I doubt it.

ok bye!