What's Happening Update

Hi Y'all-

Just wanted to give y'all an update as to where I'm at with this and that and what's going on with the whole dilly-o:

Book Stuff:

First off. Thanks to everyone out there who bought the book. It's been selling a-ok and they went back to press which is coolio! So I really really appreciate everyone out there bought it and to people who wrote in saying nice stuff about it! Also thanks to everyone who showed up at book signings. I had a great time at all of them and hope to have some more soon but don't know when yet. I would love to just travel around from city to city. But it's not up to me. And thanks to Warner Books again for publishing it and all the people that worked on it and for giving me mon-ay and stuff.

TV Stuff:

I've been popping up on the tv news here and there which is coolio. It's nice that people write in to tell me I don't look nervous and stuff. I'm always amazed when people say that because while I'm saying stuff on tv, in the back of my head I have this voice thing that goes 'you're on the tv RIGHT NOW you're on the tv RIGHT NOW you're on the tv RIGHT NOW!!!' and I'm surprised that that thought doesn't all of a sudden click in to the front of my head and I look into the camera like Peter Brady and the red light.. (or was it Bobby?.. or was it Cindy?) and just like stare with my mouth hanging open until the director guy goes 'go to commercial! he's frozen... get him off the set...'

As for the Comedy Central stuff they've been making me actually do a good amount of work lately so if I seem kinda distracted on the site sometimes it's because I have to actually do like work work to show them why the guy in the blue robe should have his own tv show. They've been very cool and patient with me and they're groovy people to work with. And I've been learning alot on the way. Like how to write scripts and stuff (sorta). Which is hard for me because I never got past page two on my screenplays. For someone who is a slacker it ain't easy. It still is very longshot stuff so I don't want anyone to get their hopes up. But fingers crossed and all that. I'll letcha know how it goes as it goes.

Site Stuff:

So I admit I'm behind schedule on a new toon but at least this time it's a good reason. Not like the other stretches of time where I'll see a week go by and be like whatevery. But I do have a new megagame in the works that should be done soonish and that game has some mini-cartoons built right into it. Clockwork Mep. Cook-ay stuff. It's coming along coolio. AE4RV is helping me out with it big time and I thank em for that. But please be patient for a little while with me. I'll keep updating the site of course as per usual and all that. And I am getting started on ze new toonage. New contest coming too. Also soon I'll be launching a new service for people to find freelance work thru my site. It's a whole thing. More to come on that soon. Anyway it's been rough lately with me running around. I'm not used to it. But I'll be back on track soon with everything. At least as on track as I ever was. I'm trying to keep up.

Hermit Crab update:

Gene Gene Dancing Machine and Senator Fancy Pants are doing a-ok. They've been more active than usual. I think they like the warm weather or the rain or something. I do have concerns because neither has moved out of their original shell into a new one and I keep buying different sized shells in the hopes that one will move out but they don't seem interested. I built a little lean-to for them and they hang out under there. Both seem healthy and they're due for a dunking.

Vacuum situation:

I bought a cheap Hoover Quik-Broom at the hardware store. It rocks.

Dating situation:

Still single.

Financial situation:

Still pretty broke. Believe it or not. :-(

Hair situation:

Strong hair still hanging in there.

Mail situation:

I need letters. Send me a letter.

Landlord situation:

Still won't let me get a dog. But he watered my hermit crabs while I was away which was cool.

Keys situation:

My lost keys in LA never turned up.

Mep situation:


Mental state:

A little fried and weirded out by all the goings on going on. But feeling good.

Health situation:

Face is a little too round and am thinking bout getting a bike to ride around to be healthier but have been too lazy to walk the three blocks to the bike store.

Summer plans:

To get motivated to put my air conditioner back in the window at some point.

Cat situation:

It's apparently cat season in New York and am still on the fence about the cat thing cause I have no place to put the litterbox and still think I'm allergic..

Wolfenstein situation:

Still addicted.

Elf Up Situation:

Elf Up.

Everything going on situation:

Appreciative beyond belief.

Good vibes situation:

Best of em to y'all.

ok bye!


*just wanted to clarify. i play the online multiplayer version of wolfenstein. not the one player.