No Sense of Direction

Hi Y'all-

I'm the type of person who never knows where the hell I am going. When I had a car I would get lost constantly because I can't visualize where I am in relation to where I'm going. Like on a map.When I drive to the airport usually don't know the way I just follow the planes landing. I almost always get lost driving away from the airport because I don't have the planes to guide me. I've driven 50 miles in the wrong direction and only turned around when I crossed into another state or something. I've kind of always been that way. In New York I don't know where I am in relation to the other boroughs or where Long Island or any of it.

And in the city I take subways everywhere I go and when I get out of the subway and back up on the street I have absolutely no idea which direction to walk in. I look at the street signs and sometimes I can get a general read on stuff but I always forget which avenues go North and which go South. And even if I know which way is North that doesn't mean I can figure out East/West. I usually get convinced of one way and walk in that direction for a half a block or so before realizing I'm heading the wrong way and then I turn around. I lived in the village for two years and would get lost wandering just a few blocks. It used to not be so bad for me in Manhattan because I used the Trade Center as a landmark. I knew when I saw the twin towers that that direction was South. They always came in handy for me that way.

I think I have a weird relationship with polarity in general. Often when I can't sleep I believe it's because of the direction I'm facing in relation to the North pole. I'll switch directions in bed changing the polarity and magnetic pull which leads me to sleepyland. I think my internal compass is broken and doesn't lock into the poles properly.

ok bye