Waxing about Ear Wax

OK maybe I've been oversharing a bit with body stuff but I haven't left my apartment in a while so what's happening isn't all that exciting. But hey this is what happened.

I get like a good amount of wax in my ears. I think it gets to the point where it eventually affects my hearing. Sometimes I'll be watching tv and leave the room and then when I come back in the room I'll notice that the tv is like blastingly loud. And sometimes things sound muffled to me. Like in movies or whatever. So usually when I go to the doctor for a checkup or whatever he cleans my ears by shooting water in them washing them out. My dog, Goob, when I was growing up had bad ears. She had to get them cleaned alot. I'm like Goob now.

So while I was in the Rite Aid today walking around with my basket of stuff I saw these drops that you put in your ears to clean out ear wax. I had never seen it before. I was like, 'Hey! Stuff for my ears! Cool!' The problem is i'm really nervous about my ears getting messed up. Whenever my doctor cleans my ears I'm pretty sure he's gonna pop my eardrum or whatever. I have this ear paranoia. But I figure I should give this earwax stuff a shot.

I get home and sit in my poof chair and turn on the TV and start watching Vacation with Chevy Chase. I get my bag of Rite Aid goodies and rip all the packaging off everything and throw it all away at once. I always get semi-annoyed by the amount of garbage stupid packaging produces but whatever. I take out the ear wax stuff and quickly read the instructions. Tilt your head. Put 10 drops in your ear. Wait a few minutes then wash it out with water. Ok fair enough.

I tilt my head watching the Griswalds approach WallyWorld and put the drops in. While watching tv sideways I waited for the magic eardrops to work. Then I start hearing something. Like a sizzling noise in my ear. I freaked out. The first thing I thought of is that I didn't read the box right AT ALL -and they weren't even ear drops. I thought just put like rectal drops in my ear or something. Not sure if there's such a thing as rectal drops but yknow what I mean. In any case I got freaked cause I assumed something was going wrong in my ear. It sounded like there was soda in my ear. So I start reading the package to see something about sizzling while flipping out that I was gonna making myself deaf because I screwed up somehow.. But sure enough it said that sizzling was normal. So I relaxed about that. If I had just read the instructions I would have gotten the heads up about it but whatever...

Anyway I did both ears and then got in the shower and blasted the stuff out. Did it work? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm just as semideaf as before. I don't really think it did anything at all. And if that's the case. What was all that sizzling about?

ok bye!


PS. Sorry if I grossed you out. I told you not alot was going on...