Dumpling Dilemma

Last night I ordered up some chinese food. Spare ribs and steamed dumplings. I brought the bag inside totally psyched up because I also ordered Star Trek: Nemesis on the pay-per-view (not great. too stupid.) And I was gonna do my big chinese feast with the Trek. I was sort of rushing to get a bunch of ribs and a three of dumplings on the plate. In the big rush... a dumpling hit the floor. It just slipped out of my hand on the way to the plate. I stared at dumpling on the floor. Bummed out. Dumpling? What are you doing on the floor? I picked it up and looked at it. Could I still eat dumpling?

I usually can eat stuff off the floor no problem. Chips or whatever... it's like who cares. Soup I wouldn't eat off the floor. Dumpling falls somewhere in between soup and chips on the eat-off-the-floor spectrum. I looked at dumpling. It looked ok. I noticed a couple little flecks of something and flecked em off and looked at it more.  I had 6 dumplings total and I was gonna eat three last night and eat the other 3 today. That was the plan. Now things were uneven. My plan for dumplings in disarray. I looked around. I guess I could eat dirty dumpling. But it seemed wrong. I thought about washing it off but that seemed a little extreme. I decided to make an executive decision and throw dumpling away.

The reason for this was not because I was grossed out by eating it off the floor. I didn't think anything would happen to me or anything. But I decided way too much thought had already gone into the decision to eat it or not. I decided that you can't premeditate the eating off the floor. If you think too much about it- it eventually will seem wrong. I think eating things off the floor needs to be done on impulse chomp only. 

ok bye!