T-Shirt House Cleaning

So today I was putting away my laundry and I got frustrated because my drawers are so packed with clothes. Whenever I do a major amount of laundry I end up taking everything out of the drawers because whatever clean stuff is left is there gets all rumpled or whatever and I refold everything together and put it all back. Today I took a good hard look at what was taking up so much space in the drawers. 

T-shirts. Lots of t-shirts. T-shirts that I not only never wear ..but alot t-shirts that I've never worn. There's my Compaq 'Inspiration Technology' t-shirt, my Barnes & Noble.com Same Day Service in Manhattan! yellow shirt, Doubleclick 'Who's Serving Your Ads?' shirt, Richard Bey Show shirt, Guardian No Fear Netsurfing shirt, Webster Hall New York City! shirt, Hot 97FM, a white t-shirt with a blue polo guy, Heartland Brewery, Timmy from South Park shirt, one that says Grind Sport! and on and on. All of these shirts I either got for free or somehow picked up somewhere. And kept them all. So today I took a good hard look at what was going on here. The stack of em all. 

I felt like they had to go. There was no room in the drawers for them really. I thought I should go donate them or something. But do people donate old t-shirts? I guess someone might want them somewhere? But then I started looking at each one and each one carried a little memory. My Compaq shirt I got years ago when I went to a disastrous meeting at Compaq- it was like consolation prize. My Barnes & Noble shirt was when the company made the whole company stand out on the streets and hand out flyers. (I bumped into someone I knew but hadn't seen in a while and handed them a flyer. They gave me a look like... whoa so this is what you're up to now?) Richard Bey shirt from when I was unemployed years ago and went to a taping (Biker Chicks vs' The Lovely Ladies), Heartland Brewery (when I got caught in a rainstorm and sopped and ducked in there to wait out the rain. Bought it just to have a dry shirt.) Webster Hall was sent to me in the mail. Hot 97 was shot out of a t-shirt cannon and I caught it. I felt like I couldn't just give them away. They each had a little something. A memory.

So I sifted through and took all never wear t-shirts and put them in a box. And the box went in the hall and stacked in the corner along side the box of wires, the box of old papers and files, the box of old random crap, the box of old shoes. Basically the weigh station area to eventually being thrown out. But the t-shirts having a history I felt like they were deserving of a little limbo before eventually they'd have to go.

ok bye!