Sucky Posture

My posture is sucky. It's been sucky for a long time now. I guess the taller I got the suckier my posture got. I always knew it was bad but the other day I saw a picture of me and I was a little freaked about how much of a buzzardish posture I was walking around with. I checked me out in the mirror to confirm that I actually stand like that. Sure enough. Big gangly buzzard.

I've tried to fix my posture in the past. Like one day I read somewhere that people with bad posture should stand straight against a wall for like 15 minutes everyday. So I did that one day. And the next day I skipped doing it and have skipped it everyday since. Also I once saw an ad for some like 'bra/bro' thing that you wear under your clothes and it like pulls your shoulders back. But it really looked kinda like a old style bra or something. And knowing me, my first day out I'd be all distracted adjusting it or whatever and I'd step infront of a bus and have to go to the hospital and they'd cut off my clothes and see this bra thing under my shirt and all the doctors would look at each other and like snicker a little. And in my semi-conscious state I'd try to explain how it's not a bra thing and how I was just trying to fix my posture but I'd be sort of out of it and they wouldn't really believe me. And they'd tell me to lie back and relax and how they're not interested in my personal life and how they just want to help me. But I'd get mad and sit up and insist on it not being a bra! And I'd get all angry! So they'd like order a shot to calm my down and on the way to dreamyland I'd mumble.. .'It's not a bra... it's not a bra.. it's for posture... .i swear it's not a bra...' and just before I slipped from consciousness I'd hear someone say... 'Sure it's not, princess...'

So that bra thing is out. I've tried other things like having this girl-friend of mine poke me in the back every time I slouched bad. But that got really annoying like immediately. It's really hard to correct something that's so dang comfortable. I feel like I am standing normal when I'm slouching. I'm lazy. Laid back sorta. That's how I am. So that's how I stand. Whenever I try to force myself to stand up straight I'm like in my head, 'Look at mee! Standing up like a toy soldier! Look how straight I can stand...See? Me! Erect! Like a normal!' Then two minutes later it gets uncomfortable and I relax down into the slouch.

So I guess I might be sloucher for life which kind of sucks.... but it sure as hell beats being semiconscious in a hospital bleeding internally and hearing someone call you 'princess'...

ok bye!