Wrong Number Punishment

I know this is like schtick but I can't help writing about it because it's been making me nuts ever since I've been able to dial a phone... or maybe even before that.

It's this sound.

I've been hearing it alot lately cause like out here in Brooklyn now (718 in the hizzouse!) you have to dial 718 for local calls. It's that whole area code fukt up thing. And I forget alot... and when I forget I hear it.

I need to know how that noise came to be. Who decided so long ago that wrong number noise would be that horrible horrible noise? Did they say let's get three notes that really hurt (possibly damage) the ear? What the hell happened?! And why won't it go away? There are so many pleasant tones out there nowadays.

Why can't they just change the tape or whatever to play something like this or this... or even this? Why can't they do that? Why the punishment? I need to know why. Is it just one of those things that so hardcoded into technology that it's permanent and if you tug that noise from the network it's the thread that will collapse the infrastructure for the telecommunications world? Or is just one lazy dickhead who just can't get off his ass to change the tape?

If they decide to change it though it might be something to worry about. I mean if the people that control that noise now can't hear after all this time that that tone is so dang awful ...who's to say that they won't change it to this or this or even this?

Maybe the horrible tone... is best left alone.

(I'm a poet and I didn't know it.)

ok bye!