Honest Citizen at the Subway

So the Subway Sandwich opened down the street not too long ago and I've been going there like twice a week. So glad it's there. It's open. It's clean. I got my Subway Club punchcard back in the rotation. There are other stores like CVS  and the haircut place along the way for general other stuff. It's worked out really well.

The other day I was in there and I got my usual foot long veggie delite sandwich (like jared) along with Doritos and a large lemonade. (Sometimes I'll wildly swerve off the road and get a meatball sandwich with cheese but it's usually the veggie sandwich with cheese and mayo etc..) With the drink and chips it's usually $6.25. And I look in my wallet and all I have is a five. I take it out and tell they guy that I'm gonna have cancel the drink or something. I only have five bucks. And the guy was like, 'Don't worry about it... I see you in here all the time.' I was like, 'Cool! Nice! Hooked up with the trust factor! From a chain place all acting like a local store! I dig that! I thank him and tell him I won't forget to bring the $1.25 next time.

So within a couple days I'm back there and am all proud for actually remembering to bring the $1.25 like an honest citizen. I get my sandwich rung up and I say to the guy behind the register how I was the guy in here the other day and was hooked me up with $1.25.... and as I'm talking I realize that I'm saying this to the wrong guy! He kinda looks like the guy who hooked me up but I realized he wasn't the guy. I looked around and my guy was nowhere in sight. But the new guy was like, 'Oh... ok.. thanks and he took my $1.25.' I walked out and was sort of like, 'Fruck! I done did the good citizen thing but I don't know if the guy who needs to know that I'm a good citizen even knows!' 

Yesterday I went back and my original guy was behind the counter. He gave me a head nod. I tried to decipher the headnod. Was it the 'Hey! I got the $1.25 thanks!' headnod?... or maybe it was the 'You got my $1.25?' headnod... or maybe it was.. just 'Hey!' headnod.

I got my sandwich and while he was ringing it up I went into an explanation about how I brought in the $1.25 that I owed from the other day and gave it to a guy who was here the other other day when he wasn't here... but i'm not sure if.... I realized I was sounding weird and excusey. And he gave me a look like either 'not sure if i should believe you' or 'not sure what the hell you're even talking about.' But he said, 'ok...' .

When I left I felt a little bad because Subway guy was so nice to me with the $1.25 hookup and maybe I put doubt in his head to trust people in the future. And maybe he'll like think every time for now on that I'm the guy who made up an excuse to get out of paying back the $1.25. Or maybe not and he believed me. In any case, I gotta drop it right now. Life is too short to go worrying bout stuff like this. And on top of that for all the business I give the frickin Subway ...the guy should dig me as a customer- even if he thinks I'm a dishonest citizen.

ok bye!