Took A Walk For Take Out

So for the last few weeks like once a week or so I've been ordering take out from this restaurant place that delivers. It's kind of a good deal. For $10 you get a rotisserie half-chicken and a whole thing of mashed potatoes and a side of veggies. The restaurant is like five blocks away and I've always gotten the chicken delivered....umm... because I'm friggin lazy ok?

Anyway, tonite I wasn't feeling so lazy. I ordered up my half-chicken dish and told them I would come pick it up. I put on my flip flops, took $20 with me and headed out. I was sort of proud of myself for getting the motivation to take a walk and save a couple bucks. I walked the five blocks right up to where I thought the restaurant was and (deja-vu sorta I know) I look at the name and it simply doesn't match the name that was on the menu. Whatever restaurant I thought I was ordering from all this time isn't the restaurant I thought I was ordering from. They have slightly similar names and I always assumed that this was the restaurant. But it wasn't. So now here I am standing in front of a restaurant five blocks away from my apartment with no friggin idea where the restaurant is that has my chicken.

The idea of going all the way back to my apartment and walking up four flights just to look at the menu that I just ordered off of was an act to fix this act of stupidity that I just couldn't bear. I had a $20 bill. No change. And I know that phones now don't give free 411 information. So I decided to head into the restaurant I was standing in front of and ask them if they knew where this other restaurant is. As soon as I walked in I realized I made a mistake. Because the restaurant was empty at 9:00PM. And when I walked in they seemed happy like they had a customer.. And here I was asking friggin directions to another restaurant... like a dick. Anyway, they were slightly annoyed but they had heard of the restaurant told me it was like ten blocks away. Basically back toward my apartment and four or five blocks past. Uch. 

So I trudge off 10 blocks to this other place in my flip flops which are now hurting my feet. As soon as I see the restaurant I'm like, 'Oh yeah!... that place! duh!' I've seen it before but never considered eating from there. I walk in and the whole place smells like urine. And it's gross. There's one person at the bar reading a newspaper and the whole place seemed shady. Whatever. I buy the food and schlep four blocks home. Up four flights. All less psyched for my rotisserie half chicken. I open up the container and look at it weirdly. That place really did smell like urine. My yummy chicken was now all pre-ruined by association.

The whole thing was a disaster. And the voice in my head is mocking me right now.... Saying, 'See what happens when you go out? Mr. Bigshot fancy healthy take a walk pick it up yourself guy. See? Now stay inside. Sit home. Watch the tv. Until you smarten up.... stupid....'

ok bye!