WTC Postcard Hello

So the other day I was walking around in the city and I saw something that caught my eye at a newspaper stand. It was this postcard. I bought it for 35 cents:

The thing I couldn't understand was... who the heck buys a postcard like this!? To send to who? For why? I can see someone receiving this in the mail and getting sad or bummed out or whatever. They're like going thru their mail then... Bam! Here's your postcard reminder! It carries such a range of emotions that it seems kinda selfish to send. But I thought the point of a postcard was to say 'Hey! Here's where were are! Having fun! Or just 'Hi!' As a little cheery reminder from where you are and that you're thinking of the person that you're sending it to.

There's still alot WTC merchandise floating around. 'Never Forget- 9/11' t-shirts or 'Ground Zero 9.11.01' hats and stuff like that. That stuff seems weird enough but not completely weird because Ground Zero is a tourist stop now. (of course nothing says 'tourist' like someone strutting around in their brand new crispy Ground Zero hat and matching T looking all mad and sad. But if you want to sport the WTC gear that's your dillyo.)

But it was completely baffling to me as to what brand of tourist would buy this postcard. Maybe the sender feels the need to remind the receiver that they're still hurting from 9/11. To show that they do remember and still have feelings about it..... I guess... I think it's just a weird thing to send.

And what do you write on the back?.... 'Wish They Were Here!' ?

ok bye!


p.s. maybe i'm missing the point altogether. i've been prone to do that in the past...