Shoe Situation and Invisibility

This weekend I think I was invisible. Everywhere I went I was ignored. Saturday I went into a shoe store to buy some sneakers or shoes. No one came up to help me even though I was standing there with a sample shoe in my hand for like 10 minutes. Shoe store guys walked by and when I said, 'Excuse me...' they like didn't hear me or something... I only have so much patience for being ignored and left.  (I should know better than to shoe shop on my own because every time I buy shoes without getting a second opinion I find out later that I've made some mistake and bought dumb shoes. I've fallen so out of touch that I have no idea what's cool anymore anyway. This summer I wore blue docksiders (i took the laces out for convenience purposes), birkenstocks, or old flip flops. With my big fred flinstone feet it ain't a real good look.)

Anyway, saturday night I went out to dinner and all night if I wanted water or anything the waiter would walk by. Eventually I had my arm up like a kid in school. I couldn't get his attention. I'd try to play it off like with a joke whenever I got ignored or I still got that low grade that shame feeling. That zero clout loser feeling. I couldn't even flag him down for the check.

I'm not sure what causes my temporary invisibility. Once in a blue moon I become invisible for like a day or so. Wherever I go... no one knows I'm there. Is it a vibe I'm giving off? A planetary alignment? A mood? Coincidence? My bad posture? Bad attitude? Maybe it's my bad shoes?

Ok I really don't think it's the shoes... but in any case, I seriously don't know what I should get shoewise and would prefer not to buy dumb shoes again. So I've decided to turn to y'all. What I need is a pair of shoes or sneakers that I can walk around in. That I can wear like everyday. That aren't all expensive. I don't want them to be hipster like every time I put them on I'm like making some kind of statement. If they're sneakers I don't like velcro or crazy colors or hightops or sneaks that got lights in the back. So keep that in mind.

If you have a shoe in mind that you think is cool please let me know. And later in the week I'll take all the suggestions and put together a poll and we'll vote on what shoes I should get.

Too much time on my hands? Maybe. But maybe with some cool new shoes it might make me just a little more visible.

ok bye!