Relying On Not Planning*

So this weekend I have a wedding to go to and I am in the wedding party. It's out of town so I have to travel and I don't have a car. There's a groomsmen tuxedo I need to pick up at some place and I don't know where it is nor how I'm gonna get there. Tonite is the rehearsal dinner and I don't know where it's at. Also I think they're kinda expecting people in the wedding party to make a speech tonite or whatever and I haven't figured out what I am gonna say yet. On Saturday the wedding is at some place and people are like sleeping over there. I haven't reserved a room and have a feeling no more rooms are available. I haven't done my laundry, packed anything, or planned.... anything.

But this isn't like a total freakout situation for me. This is how I operate. I don't. See I'm one of those annoying people that assume somehow by just wandering out of my apartment later today that I'm going to figure it out on the fly. I'll make a couple calls. Get a ride somehow. Figure out where I'm gonna sleep or whatever. And when I get up to speak at the rehearsal dinner I'm assuming I'll think of something to say other than, 'Ummm...'

I found out recently that, for some reason, people who do plan and do organize things get really annoyed by people like me. Because I am the person who often messes with their nice organized plan.  All of sudden they get a call and it's me asking for a ride. Or asking if I can crash in their room or whatever.  And on behalf of people like me I'd like to apologize to people like you. We, the disorganized, don't mean to mess up your this and that. I'd like to plan. It seems less hectic. But...

The problem is our no-system... works. We know where the lines are drawn. What our last minute deadlines are to pull it together or whatever. How long we can procrastinate for. We travel to the airport and arrive just in time. We make last minute hotel reservations. We're the late. The messy. The rely-ers. The organization slobs. But the our system works. Relying on no plan is the plan. And good planners accommodate the no-plan people.

We think that if we go and change our no-plan by actually planning, chances are things will get all screwed up because we'll plan wrong because we're not good at it. And think about this you organized people, maybe if we did try to plan and get organized somehow that will change the dynamic of the organization universe and your plans will get messed up more often because our bad planning would get all mushed up with your nice smart planning resulting in bad planning all around? Then where will we all be?! Huh? I'll tell you! All of us! Lost!

It's logic like that that keeps us going. We can't be reasoned with. Just accept us for who we are and move over. Cause we're squeezing into your car.

ok bye!


Here's an email I got (one of many) from you planner people.

(Dint mean to tick y'all off... )