The Senator Departs

I am saddened to report that over the weekend that Senator Fancy Pants left us. He was an excellent hermit crab with a distinct personality. He preferred plastic toys over wooden. Also he seemed to dislike heights and enjoyed digging. He will be missed. However something mysterious seemed to have happened in the tank that is a bit unsettling.

I'm not pointing any fingers but I have a slight suspicion the Senator may have been assassinated. I looked in the tank a few days ago and the Senator was sitting next to Gene Gene Dancing Machine. The Senator seemed slightly injured (one claw jutted at an odd angle) and Gene Gene seemed to have been 'tending to him' in some way. As soon as Gene Gene noticed I was looking in the tank he scurried away from The Senator. Distancing himself almost. I put the Senator in the water pool so he could relax and dropped in a hermit crab cake. When I got back from the long weekend... The Senator was in pieces.

Is it possible that Gene Gene ripped up the Senator post-mortem? Perhaps. As some hermity ritual? Perhaps the Senator was in some sort of great pain and Gene Gene took it upon himself to put the Senator down? In friendship? Or there was some kind of bizarre accident?

OR perhaps the Senator was eliminated. I was away for a few days so the timing was right. Perhaps there was a struggle for control of the tank? Or for a particular shell? Or a misunderstanding that got out of control? Who knows? But Gene Gene seemed to have rearranged the tank today. Plastic palm tree moved. Extra shells all moved around.  Maybe they fought over interior design? In any case he seems to be taking it well. Almost too well...

I do plan to bring another crab to the tank to keep Gene Gene company -but I will be keeping closer watch over the actions of Gene Gene Dancing Machine. A very close eye. Perhaps I am being paranoid but something smells fishy.

So goodbye to you Senator Fancy Pants! A great hermit crab. 

Safe passage to the great beach in the sky where perfect fitting shells litter the soft coastline of white sand on the edge of a warm clear ocean.

ok bye SFP!