Snoozy Cancellation

So today (Sunday) I had plans to go meet someone for breakfast/brunch (whatever) around 10:00 AM in the city. Long story as to why I had agreed to meet that friggin early but whatever. Last night I was awake around 2:00 AM and the idea of getting up early to travel into the city was getting less and less appealing. So I decided that I was going to wake up in the morning and call up and cancel.

I set my alarm for like 8:00 and when it went off I hit snooze. After a few more snoozes I woke up to make the phone call. When I picked up the phone there was no dial tone. I uch-ed it. Then said, 'Hello..' and the person on the other end said, 'Hello..?' It was one of those weird moments where you answer the phone at the exact moment before it even rings. On the other end was the person who I was supposed to meet. And THEY were canceling! I was psyched! It worked out so well. We decided to reschedule for whenever and then I went back to bed thinking how nicely that worked out as I fell back to sleep.

I woke up a while later to the phone ringing around 10:15. It was the person I was supposed to meet calling 'again'... asking me where I was. It hit me right then. There was no phone conversation earlier. Not in reality anyway. I had dreamed the whole earlier conversation. The dream of canceling was still so friggin real. It was still crisp in my head. I can remember feeling the wood floor on my bare feet and everything. Those in-between snoozy worlds get to be pretty vivid -and I guess sometimes they make your dreams come true... in one way or another.

ok bye!