What's Happening Update-isimo

What the hell is going on? What the dilly-o? Where am I?

Figure I'll give y'all an update as what's up with what.

How's me? I'm fine thanks. Right now I'm sitting in an apartment that's pretty trashed and I just took off my shoes after walking around doing this and that and my feet smell a little but I kind of like the smell. It doesn't mix well with the stale coff-ay smell from the cups around my computer though. Pretty picture?

Here's the story. I haven't heard word yet on the television stuff. The work for it pretty much ate my summer and I won't hear anything for a little while longer- but I'll letcha know as soon as I have news on that. I haven't been quiet on that because secret stuff has been going on. I've been quiet because I have nothing to report yet. But it's been a big long interesting story and I'll save that for another what's happening... and then some...

So here's what's going on:

New cartoon. Where? I am at work on the new toon of course. It took me a while to decompress from the summer but i'm working away on it and am planning more for the rest of this year. It just takes me time as y'all know so with alot of other stuff thrown in the my mix it made me a bit loopy. But I'm back on track and they're getting the once over two times quick..

New game. Almost done for real. And should be up and running finally within like a week me thinks. There's a whole other what's happening for this too..

Mon-ay. In the real world, I'm getting kinda low on cash. So luckily I found some freelance stuff to help me for now. I'll letcha know where you can see that stuff it when it's done (cartoon stuff but not the guy in the blue robe) I gotta do this stuff to keep my lights on. After next week I'll be totally wrapping that stuff up. I'm basically getting all other stuff out of the way so I can be free. I've been in a bit of la-la land ignoring that whole bills stuff and dug a bit of a hole. The freelance stuff will dig me out so no worries. :-)

Pets. As y'all know I lost a hermit crab recently to the great crabby beyond. I've been leaning toward getting a cat again in a real way. But my bathroom is so friggin small there's no room for the litterbox. There's really no other place for it in my apartment that's not like right next to a place where I hang out. If I can figure that out it might be kitty time in the hizzouse!

So ANYWAY I just feel like I need to give ya'll an update bout stuff because I've been getting emails recently from people wondering about me because there's hasn't been new stuff on the site in a while and a half. It bothers me too. I"m doing stuff and doing my bestest. Promise.

Goodies and toons are on the way. We have time. That's for your patience with me. As always...

ok bye!

good vibes to y'all too!