Caught In The Wake of the Boot-ay Supreme

So today I was walking down Court Street and this girl walking in front of me had a ridiculously striking butt. Her butt was real big and round and out there. Way out there. Like J.Lo butt but way bigger butt. She was wearing tight pants. Her butt was hypnotic. And luckily she was walking in the same direction as me so I followed her down the street and watched the reactions from people she passed by.

Everyone either stared or at least glanced at her butt. Dudes standing there would elbow other dude standing there. People passing by going the other way would turn to get a gander at her butt. It was stopping conversations. People on cellphones would slow down whatever they were saying. Women would stare- probably with a wild range of mixed emotions about her butt. And as she moseyed down the street she caused a wake of reaction stares. A quiet personal street wake.

It's interesting to follow different people down the street that have noticeable qualities. Like if you follow a model type person down the street and see how they get looked at by everyone. Or a big boobed girl. Some super tall person. Or like someone with like one leg or whatever. Everyone with something different gets different looks. And causes a different street wake. Like for me it's the 'look at that dude with the giant big melon head' wake. But I've never seen any wake like the wake this girl's butt caused today. Everyone saw it coming. People who weren't even looking in her direction reacted as if they heard her coming down the street. Even though there was no noise. Something about the butt was announcing.

She eventually pulled over and went into a store and I continued onward thinking about her butt. Realizing that even though she was out of sight... the wake was still pushing me along with thoughts about her boot-ay supreme.

ok bye!