Monkey Calls

OK. I usually don't complain about stuff here unless it's me complaining to me about me. But I'm gonna complain about this.

I'm getting a little tired of friends calling me on their cellphones because they're driving somewhere and they're bored. It's like my phone will ring and here's this bad connection to someone who's bored driving in their car. And they're like, 'What's up?' And I'm like, 'Nothing. What's up with you?' And they'd be like, 'Nothing. Just driving to wherever. Got another 40 minutes thought I'd give you a call.'

Now I'm not bashing my friends. I like my friends. But just because you're all bored in the car doesn't mean I want to ride along with you on your boring trip. If you got something to say fine but just to call me up and basically say 'I'm bored. Be bored with me.' That just doesn't fly anymore. Plus, cellphones still totally suck. With the cutting out bad reception and stuff. Until they make better towers or whatever don't be all calling me up bored and telling me to dance monkey. I'm not a monkey!

Oh! And another thing! A couple weeks ago when I went to that wedding I was heading up the Hutch (local highway) and I saw a new cellphone tower smack in the middle of the highway. The Hutch has always been a nice highway with lots of trees and stuff. So the cellphone people disguised the tower to look just like a tree. (this might be widespread but this is the first one i ever saw. i don't get out often) Anyway they made it all treelike so it wouldn't stick out too much and ruin the view. But the towertree is like 3x taller than all the other trees and it looks dumb. I want a good connection and I don't want my towers looking dumb! It looked like this! You ain't foolin anyone, Sprint! I couldn't decide if I'd prefer a regular tower over that!

Maybe I'm mad because I don't have a car and I can't call anyone all bored too! But whatever! I'm not a dancing monkey! I don't want dumb towers! And I want a better connection!

And call me when you get home!!

ok bye!