Wallet Hide and Seek

Y'all know I lose my wallet pretty much everyday (still). People say that I just need to pick a spot and put it there every time. And I sort of have done that except that instead of picking one spot I have like 40-50 spots.  And everyday is like a big hunt for wallet. Following the clues. Ok. It's not in the pants on the floor... but it WAS in the pants on the floor. And I took them off here. Ooh bookshelf! Nope. It's not on the bookshelf but my keys are there. Hmmm... Let's check the sweatshirt over the chair in the bedroom. Not there but it's on the windowsill by the chair in the bedroom. Bingo! And I head out.

Anyway, on Sunday my nephews were here with my family for my birthday. And of course the little ones were all over my apartment doing this and that. Was totally fun. And after they left I cleaned up stuff and after my apartment was nice and clean I realized my wallet was gone. Now I'm not pointing any fingers... but now that I've checked all 40-50 spots and haven't found it I'm thinking maybe one of the nephews picked it up and put it somewhere outside of the 40-50 spots. One of those impulsey kids thing. Wallet goes down in couch? Hee hee.  Funny? Wallet goes in the trash? Wallet goes under the thing for secret? Maybe wallet goes out window? Bye bye?

Not sure. They're good kids and not cleptos as far as I know. And it wouldn't be their fault to pick it up because I always give them whatever I have in my pockets to play with. When were out at a restaurant or whatever I'm like.. here's my keys, here's my watch, here's my wallet. Go nuts. So maybe they just picked it up and put it down somewhere.

But now I have to do a whole new search technique to find it. A lower down search technique. And put myself in the mindset of a three year and use that logic. Where's a funny place I would put wallet when I was three years old? Hmmm.. Wallet go where...

ok bye!


PS. I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it. Since then I found my wallet and it was in one of the 40-50 spots but just under something. Nephews had no part of its disappearance. My apologies to the little ones..