Airport Security and Maine

Hi Y'all-

So I went up to this wedding in Maine over the weekend. I flew up and had a stop over flight in Boston before going over to Camden. I haven't been on a plane in over a year so I was interested in the new experience of flying and stuff. I got to JFK a good solid hour and a half before the flight and the lines were crazy snaky. Ug. I checked my bags and got online for the security check. All of a sudden I realize that my Leatherman (the official multitool of is in my backpack along with my books and crap. 

So I'm all upset cause I love my Leatherman and I see this sign by security that says it's a $10,000 fine to get caught with a weapon going onto a plane. So this is like uncool totally. I get up to the front and put my backpack down on the x-ray machine and it goes through. When I go through the metal detector I beep. And they pull me aside to give me the scan and focus on my belt buckle. The scanner chick asks if she can touch my belt and I was like go ahead. I think 'it moved' when she grabbed my belt.

Anyway I grab my bag off the belt and go to get on the plane. There are random checks now before you get on the plane so but they didn't check me. At Logan in Boston I didn't have to go through the metal detector again and didn't get snagged for a random check.

I noticed the huge presence of these 'Worldwide Security' guys and chicks at Logan and the Portland Airport. They seem very serious about their jobs which was cool. They seem kind of military and there seems to be ranks judging by the different color rope thing around their shoulders on their uniforms.

Anyway after seeing the people that were being pulled aside for random checks it seemed the security was a bit overkill. Some old lady taking off her shoes seemed a bit ridiculous to me. I guess it makes us all safer but I would have been happier if they just took my leatherman away rather than checked that old lady's shoes.

I see I've rambled about the airport stuff so I won't get into the Maine thing other than the wedding was really beautiful. I got good and drunk. And danced. Maine looks as you'd think it would. Old colonial type grey houses on the water with lobster traps and church steeples and stuff. Really nice state you Mainers got there.

I'm happy to be back. Ok Bye!